Live Life Active Goal: Couch to 5K

Credit: 5K Runner

WW has just begun their annual campaign called Live Life Active  (not an affiliate link). It’s an optional initiative where they ask you to commit to an activity goal for 8 weeks. Several prizes, incentives and discounts are available when you participate in your chosen activity each week. The grand prize is a trip to Costa Rica, but I’m not going to do this for the prizes. I want the psychological reward of what happens when I complete something (else) that I thought I couldn’t do. I’m a goal-getter, and I can stare a challenge in the face with the best of them.

My Live Life Active goal is to complete a Couch to 5K (C25K) program. Then sometime this year, I want to run a 5K. I have a strong hunch that finishing a race will do change my mindstate even more than it could ever change my body. (I do want both, however.)

I’ve read awesome post series from several bloggers like Sheryl and Beth who reached their goals on Weight Watchers (WW) and also run. A few people in my WW meetings have also completed at least one 5K race. It’s motivating, even though running is one of my least favorite sports-related activities. I know I need to build up my endurance if I am ever going to seriously teach the group exercise formats I’m interested in. I even joined Black Girls Run, and balked when I saw that all runs took place outside. I’ve been working out regularly for the past year–just not outside. (Hey–I’ve come a long way from the time where I refused to work out to preserve my relaxed long hairstyle).

What is your latest goal (in progress)?


4 thoughts on “Live Life Active Goal: Couch to 5K

    1. Hey Helen– you’ll be fine! I’m so not a runner, but I ran day 2 of week 1 yesterday, and I did a run/walk combo of over 3 miles (outside)! It helps to run with a friend or a group for encouragement.

  1. Congratulations on setting the Couch to 5K goal. I could use a goal like that. In my case it would be computer to 5K. I may just have to look into that.
    Fellow A-to-Z’er

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