Operating in the Favor You Already Have

Last weekend, I attended the 2013 Life & Favor Singles Empowerment Conference  at the Greater Community COGIC. Pastor Matthew L. Brown opened up with a dynamite message about favor. (I missed a lot by putting my notes on my phone instead of on paper, but I have to share this with you.)


Favor is the traceable, trackable evidence of God’s benefit in your life.  God gave you favor from the day you were conceived. You’ve always had it. It’s an attitude of intentional determination.

It’s important for us to live our lives conscious of this and do everything with an attitude of favor.  Be IN life, don’t just get THROUGH life. Favor allows you enjoy your journey.
Make sure you give your all because favor is renewed every day. You should die empty.

Your favor looks good on you. Favor is attractive. People with favor in their life attract folks who seek favor. It’s not just people who need favor, but those that want you to lose it: some people come to you as leeches.  [In the Bible], the devil was attracted to Peter because he had favor. (See Matthew 26 for specific mentioned context.) I pray that you have standup faith when you fall.

Provision comes to your life when you operate in favor. So you don’t have to seek money.

Stop trying to GET THERE and just BE HERE.  Favor is right here in this moment. It’s right now, not what’s next. You’ve got to live here and BE HERE so that you can have a testimony when you get THERE.  Worrying about THERE will make you miss being here. As a result, you are living tomorrow twice, because you worried about it a day ahead. So when things happen, the “now” is anti-climatic… Not as exciting as if you had experienced it for the first time.


I hope you enjoyed these highlights. Did anything in that message resonate with you? How does your life operate in God’s favor? Where do you need more of His favor in your life?

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