Quiet Time: Enjoying Being Alone With You

Do you enjoy your own company?

Credit: Paragon Life
Credit: Paragon Life

Many married couples make it a point to schedule regular date nights so they can have their own one-on-one time and not lose touch with each other. I think you should also do the same thing with yourself.

Most of us have a significant other, kids, and/or work responsibilities that can make us “too busy” to take time for ourselves–if we let them. But everyone deserves to kick back and just do nothing sometimes.  Whether it’s a fishing trip, a massage, salon appointment, or a few hours on the couch with a great book, you need regular quick “getaways” where you can relax. Doing so rejuvenates your spirit and makes you more pleasant to be around! (This is especially important for parents of young children–it’s so easy to become worn out and resentful if you never get any “ME” time.)

Do you always have to have sound going in the background, or be around a lot of people to feel comfortable? Are you afraid to be alone in the quiet? Quietness shouldn’t be scary. If you love yourself, you will take time to enjoy your company similar to someone else who loves you, too.

How do you like to spend your ME time?