Xavier, DMX and Iyanla

iyanla-xavier-dmx-Apr13-13Xavier Simmons and his famous father, rapper DMX (“Dead Man X”) were recently featured on an episode of OWN’s “Iyanla Fix My Life.” DMX admitted that he has done drugs most of his life and cheated on his wife numerous times, having 7 children with other women (in addition to theirs).

His oldest child (with his estranged wife) is now a man in search of a healthy relationship with his father. Unfortunately Xavier’s wish was not fulfilled–at least not yet. DMX was unwilling to accept Xavier’s request to get off drugs in order to have a healthy relationship with him. His attitude and speech was (I am paraphrasing)- “You can accept me as I am [an unrecovered addict] or else forget it.” DMX also cursed Iyanla numerous times and walked out on the interview repeatedly. He’s facing a lot of demons, and it was hard to watch.

Some people aren’t ready to change. But I commend Xavier, Iyanla, and the OWN production crew for their patience and compassion in arranging and developing this TV interview. (I only wish there had been some subtitles–DMX rambled in his speech in the same manner that he raps, and it made the interview difficult to follow at times.)  I know there are millions of “Xs” and their families in this country suffering from addiction and codependency. I hope this episode–90 minutes instead of the usual hour–touched people and inspired them to try to begin to navigate over the hurdles of miscommunication, abandonment and addiction.

As this blog goes to press, DMX is reportedly contemplating OWN/Iyanla for this “portrayal” on this episode. But I #SupportDMX. My belief is that we don’t die and go to heaven until we have fulfilled our purpose on earth. My prayer is that those closest to X don’t count him out.