You’re a Liar

Are you lying to yourself about something? Self-deception is the worst kind. Check out the following guest post from my friend, author, speaker and coach Jack A. Daniels.
lance-armstrong-bwEver told a lie before?

I’ve helped a lot of people and will tell you that people find the most creative ways to lie to themselves. You’ve probably told some of the same lies like:

“I don’t know.” – Yes you do you’re just not AWARE of the answer right now.
 “I don’t care.” – Yes you do. You’re just too lazy or haven’t found a better solution to DO something about it.
 “I’m ok.” –  No you’re not. You’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster about what happened or what’s happening. Then the person in question shows up in front of you and you say its ok.—NO IT’S NOT!
“Do whatever you wanna do.” –  NO, not in my life! We allow people to behave badly in our lives because we don’t tell the truth about our boundaries and what it is we REALLY want.

Lying is nothing but a distraction and excuse you keep telling yourself in hopes of everything being ok.  The best way to MAKE it ok is to say “YES” to yourself and all the things you deserve and desire.

Bottom line, There’s no need to lie to yourself. Learn to say YES to what God already promised you! That career, better health, finances or relationship you’ve been praying for!

What have you been lying to yourself about? What are you going to do about it?