The Start of Something Big: My Life in April 2013

April 2013 was a great month for me. My life has taken some awesome, positive, encouraging turns. I completed the A to Z Challenge with 26 new posts in one month! Here’s a few other highlights:


  • I ran a free promotion on my first book with Amazon Kindle. It hit #1 that week.
  • I reached my 25 lb milestone on Weight Watchers, after battling a plateau for the past few months. (I’m less than 2 lbs from my goal weight.)
  • Turbokick has taken a temporary backseat as I’ve taken up running into my workout routine.  I completed a 6K, and felt unstoppable. I believe running 3 to 4 times a week has helped me break my plateau.
  • My forthcoming book cover is complete. The book is in editorial now–still on track for a summer release.
  • Made some great connections while networking, which I haven’t done since last year. One of those connections resulted in a spotlight on People You Need to Know Women’s Magazine. I’m expecting more fruit from additional contacts as well.
  • Reconnected with two people I’ve loved, and made peace with them.
  • Had an awesome, fun visit from my sister, whom I last saw a few months ago when I surprised her for her birthday.  I love my family!!

I’m feeling really grateful about something else that’s pretty promising, but I’m going to hold my tongue for a bit. Can you guess what it is?

What are your plans for May?