Superheroes Unite!: My First 5K

I know this is strange, but I ran a 6K before I ran my first 5K. I didn’t plan it that way.

I’m a new runner, and for the past 6 weeks since I started, I’ve been running about 9 to 10 miles per week.  After running my second race over the weekend, I understand why new runners can get easily addicted to racing. 

I signed me and my daughter up for the SuperCon 5K Fun Run at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. I had high aspirations for my Wonder Woman costume, but I just couldn’t get it together. (A friend let me run with his red cape not pictured, but it got hot.) It was entertaining to see everyone else’s costumes, though–like Halloween in the summer or something.

It wasn’t an easy run. The race began at 11 am, so it was hot and there wasn’t much shade in the park where we ran. I finished in under 39 minutes–about a 13-minute mile pace which is consistent with how I normally perform.

Me and the girl, about 30 minutes before race start time
Me and “K Girl” about 60 minutes before race start time

My next race is the Atlanta HBCU Alumni 5K Race (I didn’t attend an HBCU; I just want to do it).  The Peachtree 10K Road Race is held here annually on July 4 and is the biggest 10K (6.2 miles) in the world. I *may* be a volunteer in that race (registration closes in March, at which time I had no plans of running anywhere, lol), but I have to work up to doubling my normal mileage before I can attempt a 10K.