This Girl is on Fire: My Life in May 2013

My Weight Watcher’s 10% keychain is holding symbols of my milestones (from right to left): Live Life Active charm, Goal charm, 25 lb loss charm, 16 weeks charm, and 5K race charm. All that’s missing is my Lifetime charm–I’ll get it in June.

In May 2013, I got my new running habit off to a good start with some training runs and PRs.  I also met another celebrity (sort of), reluctantly renewed the lease on my dwelling, attended my first homeschool conference, saw my share of movies, met someone new, and got a taste of what my summer will be like without the girl. Read on for the deets… (except for the met someone new part, ha ha).


She’s Done Losing

I’ll start off my monthly recap with my two biggest accomplishments for the month, which include my Weight Watchers progress and running stuff.
According to my scale, which I weigh myself on periodically, first thing in the morning after voiding, naked), I reached my goal weight in April, losing 30 pounds since June 2012. But clothed at Weight Watchers, I didn’t reach that goal until Mid-May. I had a terrible cold (while it was 80s outside all week), so my appetite was smaller, but not by much. I think I hit the finish line by 1) wearing light dresses to the WW meeting, 2) eating a low carb diet for a few weeks, and 3) running about 10 miles a week, which is a fitness activity my body is not used to.  I’ll remain on “Maintenance” for 6 weeks before achieving “Lifetime” status near the end of June, so long as I weigh no more than 2 pounds above or below my goal weight (so far so good).

She Runs

This month I’m trying to get my body conditioned and build my endurance, and not put too much emphasis on my pace. I was able to do my first mile of running for an 11-minute mile without stopping to walk; my average is a 13-minute mile over the course of 3-4 miles. The other day, I ran two miles with just my daughter, and it took 29 minutes, but I jogged for 26 of them nonstop, and felt pretty invincible, thank you very much. My total miles ran this month was 29, but I wanted to break 30.  I’m on fire, watch out!

I also registered for a running conference in September for Black Girls RUN!, which is a 4-year-old running group I run with 2-3x a week.

For Mother’s Day, I got what I wanted (because someone asked), which included two pieces of nice running gear: a GPS watch (the Garmin Forerunner 10) and a belt pack to hold my keys and necessities on runs. All I need now is a reliable arm band to hold my phone on runs.


At the end of May, I got fitted for running shoes at a local running store, which included a gait analysis: my lower half was recorded as ran on a treadmill for a minute to see what my feet do as they strike the ground. Turns out that I have no arch in my feet, I don’t over- or underpronate as I run, so I just needed a medium-stability shoe. The three best choices I tried on according to run and feel, were the ASICS 2000 (loved the cushion),  the Brooks GTS,  and the Brooks Glycerin 10, which I bought since they were “old” and on sale. I love them. Never thought I’d say this, but this black girl RUNS!


The other day I found out about the Runners World holiday streak (you commit to run at least 1 mile daily from Memorial Day to Independence Day), but it’s not recommended that you streak until you’ve been running regularly for 6 months. I’d like to do my first running streak in the fall–running outside in Hotlanta is not for the faint of heart. But the goal-getter in me finds it hard to resist a challenge, and I’m doing two 5K races in June (the first and last Saturdays of the month), so I have to run anyway. (I promise to take it easy on my rest days.)

She’s Done Teaching

Finished 1st semester of homeschooling with the girl. We’ve gotten a lot closer because of it. She is moving on to 5th grade in the Fall and I believe she is just as well equipped as any “other-” educated child of her age.  We attended a statewide homeschool conference together put on by GHEA, and it was ok, but I didn’t get as much out of it as I do my own local homeschool group.

She Moves

I felt joy rising again in dance as I and about 40 other women from my church participated in a flash mob at women’s homeless shelter. It brought the ladies joy as well, and I made a few new friends in the process.

She’s Not Moving

Surprised when the property manager for my dwelling wouldn’t offer or consider any other options than a 12- or 24-month lease on the townhouse I’m renting. All I wanted to do was shift my move-out date by a couple of months ’til fall. I can’t change my daughter’s birthday (it’s in July), so it always conflicts with my moving budget. If not an extension (they declined 6 months and month-to-month options I requested), how about a 14-month renewal. No dice. I reluctantly signed a new 12-month lease, with plans to move next summer. I will have to find a sublease option next year or something so I can shift my move date.

She’s Sick

Conquered a Spring cold, but it may be that I am developing allergies, because the cold is gone but I can’t seem to stop coughing up phlegm.

She’s Alone

Alone– not totally lonely– is how I felt for Memorial Day weekend. Someone offered to take my daughter with her family on a weekend trip. I got a taste of what it will be like for me this summer, since she will be staying with my family for the next two months. I felt like I could do anything, but yet, I had nothing to do!


She’s “Ret Ta Go”

Booked my trip to Vegas for the TurboKick conference (Camp Do More) in June (this precedes the Beachbody conference). I’ve never been to a conference where you exercise all day every day, but something tells me I’m going to love this because TurboKick is my “soul mate” workout.


She’s Current

Saw the movie Silver Linings Playbook, but it what I thought it was going to be from all the Oscars it was nominated for. It usually takes me a year or more to watch three movies in a theater (sometimes alone) but I’ve enjoyed three this month (with company): Olympus Has Fallen, 42, and Fast and Furious 6!

Met talk show host Wendy Williams (sort of). It was actually my daughter that she spoke to, but I was close enough for that to count. Next time I go to a celebrity book signing though, I’ll buy the book ahead of time.

Oh yeah, and wasn’t the Scandal finale fabulous? I’ll miss Touch (I’m a Kiefer Sutherland fan for life).


Are you feeling inspired? How did you spend your May days?


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