Maintaining for Life

Today is my first anniversary with Weight Watchers, and it’s also the day I made Lifetime.

I’m ready to stop paying for WW membership, and now I can. I maintained my goal weight for 6 weeks and made it to Lifetime status! And this was after almost a week’s vacation in Las Vegas. Coincidentally, the topic for last week’s meeting (which they seem to cover each year in June) was how to stay on plan during vacations.

Eating on Vacation

The vacay attitude doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Yes, I had a goal to reach WW Lifetime, but I was in Las Vegas! So should I snack on carrots and celery all week? No weigh! I don’t have to forgo all the treats but I don’t indulge all day every day either. Since joining the running group Black Girls RUN!, I’m now proactive in seeking out activities when planning my trips. So before I left home, I went online to find parks and trails where I could potentially run, despite the fact that I was hitting the Strip for a fitness conference.


My Story (In Brief)

In my speech at the meeting today, I told everyone that my highest weight was 220 lbs in 2004. I was separated from my husband and life was pretty depressing.In 2005 I joined a program that is no longer in existence and lost 50 pounds (tracking food only; my long relaxed hair was too pretty to sweat it out with exercise). Eventually I gained it back, of course. Then I did HCG twice in 2011 and 2012, during which I lost 30 pounds in 30 days, but eventually gained that back, too. Last year I began exercising again but was still not eating right. Enter the WW’s commercial with J-Hud singing “Sun in the sky…” and the rest is history.


What Lies Ahead in My “Lifetime”

20130623_124440I have a friend who is Lifetime and she still goes to meetings often, but I don’t typically see Lifetime members in meetings (or maybe I just don’t know that they are).  I find the observations about Lifetime membership here  to be true, including the comment below it by “Did It!”.  I’m not sure what I will do as a Lifetime member other than occasionally attend a meeting based on the topic, which I also get in my email as an eTools member. I do feel that, after a year of meetings, many tips and topics are becoming repetitive. I also don’t see it as a place for maintenance. However, I will always need accountability and reminders. I can tolerate the fact that WW focuses more on nutrition labels than clean ingredients.  Time will tell; I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing and see how it goes.


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