Doing the Most: Let Me Be Your Motivation

This post is comprised of my notes from Chalene Johnson’s “Being Unstoppable” presentation at Camp Do More on June 18, 2013, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  [Note that some of my commentary is in brackets.]
Your purpose has a lot to do with your struggle. You’re the only one who can start/stop your progress.
I never say I hate myself–that’s talking about God’s creation.

Source: The Remodeled Life

You can’t love yourself until you love your story. In other words, make peace with your past.  Do you ever respect someone LESS when you hear their story? So why are you afraid to tell yours? Don’t be ashamed of it or afraid to tell people where you’ve been.

You also become unstoppable when you have a good attitude. Chalene’s goal for CDM always includes doubling attendance, but for the first time, it declined this year. There were 1,000 campers last year, and 600 this year.  A big reason for this, Chalene explained, was the change in location, time of year, and schedule. Previous years had CDM where Chalene lives in Orange County, in August, and on a weekend. Some attendees still have kids in school in mid-June, and may not have been able to get off work for 3 weekdays. In any case, she said the people who were supposed to be at CDM were present, and she wasn’t mad about those who could not come, or even negative people who tried to give her hell about these changes.

Think about what you would do if the worst thing that could did happen. Think it through, and erase your fear about it once and for all.

Decide to be thankful and stop complaining. You have to decide. What are you thankful for right now? To whom can you show gratitude?

Habits and routines are formed because of the reward. If you crave the reward [desired outcome], you will stick with the habit. (She recommended reading The Power of Habit.) The feeling you get afterward is why you do hard activities (cleaning house, organizing, running, paying off a bill).

Beliefs are deeply embedded. If you collect and study the evidence, you can change your beliefs.  She explained her limiting beliefs about her place in the fitness world because she wasn’t an expert in exercise science, was chubby, and just wanted to have fun. She didn’t “measure up” to what she saw with folks like Kathy Smith and the Billy Banks (Tae Bo creator).

To help with limiting beliefs, go to your past. Go to therapy. Or take care of it quicker with EMDR: eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.

This process turns off a switch in your brain in 1 to 3 sessions so that you no longer care about an event or have a deep belief the way you used to. EMDR is typically effective for a particular issue in 1 to 3 sessions.