Gaining Momentum: June 2013 Recap

How’s your summer going so far? It’s hard to believe that 2013 is half over. June has been nonstop for me…IMG_5805

Being Unstoppable

Attended my first fitness conference, in Las Vegas – Camp Do More and met Chalene – part of my PUSH goals for the year. Also saw Shaun T, my PT crush (yes I know… but handsome is what it is!)…
I arrived 2 days early and ran 3 miles. I didn’t go all out because I had a plan and a budget– food budget ( I went to Trader Joes before I got to the hotel to put food in my fridge) and financial budget. I also had a fast approaching deadline to make Lifetime with Weight Watchers, which kept me more accountable… like Chalene said in her unstoppable speech.

In teams, everyone choreographed a 2-minute number to perform during the conference. Now I can say I performed in Vegas.

CDM 2013-06-18  2694-M
Crazy pose with Team Lions at Camp Do More!
Photo Credit: Debbie Lefever

Making a Run for It

One month, two races:

  • 20130622_103239Ran the HBCU 5K, (chip time was 37:01, which was a PR for this newbie). My monthly mileage goal was to run at least 30 miles this month; I ran over 55!  I think about running on my rest days, but I won’t push myself past running 3-4 days per week. I’m told that completing a half marathon this year is totally within my grasp, so long as I put in 12 weeks of training. So I signed up for the Thanksgiving 5K (chickened out from signing up for the concurrent half marathon instead). It will be held 5 days after my birthday so I still get to celebrate!

I have a feeling that not only will I continue to look for places to run when I travel, but I will also look for races to do on holidays, especially since I don’t do much else.

I even did a couple of early runs last week–as in, getting out before the sun. (This night owl/ work from home chick was pretty serious to do that.)
Early Runs - Progress

InsideCNNTourStubGot my daughter safely to her hometown in Virginia for the summer. The day before she left, we took the Inside CNN Studio Tour. Kaia jumped at the chance to sit at a replica newsdesk for HLN and read off the teleprompter. She got stuck on the word “inaugurated,” but my girl was a natural! I miss her very much but I will see her in a few weeks when she turns the big 1-0!

Other Good Stuff…

I was invited to be a guest on a web series called Fusion Teen Talk Show. We taped episode 1 last week and the entire series of episodes will begin airing in the Fall.

On the set of Fusion Teen Talk Show
On the set of Fusion Teen Talk Show

I’m hitting the gym (the Y) on a more regular schedule now that [home]school is out. I was able to attend TK for the first time in 2 months, and when I did, someone in the class noticed me, checked to make sure I’m the same person she used to see, and said I looked absolutely amazing. It’s always nice when you receive a sincere compliment from a stranger and it doesn’t cost anything.

Received my edited manuscript for my forthcoming self-help book Ending the Blame Game and completed first set of changes. Everything is coming along nicely!