Nothing Like Being Free

What if you could wake up and do anything you wanted to do–every day?

Credit: Empower Network
Credit: Empower Network

I caught up with an old friend the other day. He’s single with no kids, and recently had a birthday so he’s knocking on 40. He told me that he left his longtime Fortune 500 company for another one, but was laid off shortly thereafter. He didn’t work for six months… and he LOVED it! That experience of freedom changed his whole mindset and outlook on spending money and how it is to feel free. Even though he’s working somewhere else now (a position was created for him) he has a goal to get out Corporate America for good. He wants a life completely free of debt and stress.

I let him know that I started homeschooling my daughter this year, and she’s now away with family for the summer. He told me to live my life and enjoy it. Others don’t understand the way I live or have that freedom mindset. I met a woman the other day who said she didn’t like working from home (as I do) because she needs to be social and know what’s going on. I’m an admitted loner but I can find time in my life to socialize with adult company and keep abreast with world events–without compromising the flexibility I have in my life.


There’s nothing like being free. What would being free look like for you?

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  1. I’m currently unemployed after being laid off and I must say I feel free! I exercise daily now and eat healthier. I’ve lost almost 20 lbs in nearly 4 months and it feels great! I’m preparing for my next adventure.

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