My mother and I are known for sending birthday cards like clockwork, and they are appreciated. But when it comes to my daughter’s birthdays, I’m too concerned with doing so much else that I don’t give her cards. This year is a milestone for us both, so I decided to write her a poem. It doesn’t have a title, so I’ll simply call it “Ten.”

She shines like a jewel
even when it’s day
her heart is pure–
believes things will be okay.

Is loved by all,
“friends” anyone she meets,
my only child
and yet complete.

My love for her is one of a kind
10 years ago today, she became mine.
And when I doubt my parenting skill,
she claims I’m the best mom, still.

Can’t imagine what the next 10 years hold;
how our lives will develop and unfold.
At times I ask God, “Why?”
then change the question to “What?”
and wait for that small, still voice in my gut.

I have this one request:
that when she puts me to the test,
my reaction is of calm, if not of glee
for we are daughters of Royalty.

Baby Girl, you’re leaving single digits behind
never to return again,
may joy, success and peace you find
as you start your double-digit life at 10.

Happy Birthday K!

Do you have adult children? Share your parenting advice to get us through the next 10 years below.


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