Finishing the “Summer of Me”

Here goes my August 2013 recap. Enjoy!

On the Run

FEAR - Forget everything and runRan 65 miles this month, the most ever (including 4 long progressive long runs on the weekends from 6-10 miles). I actually ran the first half of my 8-miler nonstop! I’ve gotten in more days on the treadmill, and as a result I can feel myself getting faster and running longer intervals. Some of the ladies in my running group are training for half marathons this fall–I’m just working on conditioning and endurance, although I will be in another 5K race this coming weekend.  I use the great workout mixes at Steady 130 (130 bpm music mixes) and Rock My Run when I run (you can get one free download each month) . I rarely listen to the radio, so sometimes I listen to their mixes instead  (the mixes use clean versions of the songs).

Baby Girl

My daughter K is back! In the South, school begins in early August, but we didn’t have to. Since we homeschool and can start our school year when we want, I let her finish summer camp and travel with my family. She even visited the house I grew up in (to which we haven’t been since in 10 years, when she was just a few weeks old).  I wish I had a picture but my mom didn’t think to take one then. 😦


Finished judging 25 manuscripts for the Booklogix Young Writer’s Contest (ages 10-13). My own book project is coming along fine, and my anticipation continues to build as the interior layout has begun.


I wanted to take another trip, but my budget required me to chill at home so I could pay for the next phase of my book production (layout), as well as tuition payments for K’s STEM classes which will begin after Labor Day (which is when I’m accustomed to school starting).


Speaking of school, I’ve contacted several and may be soon joining forces with the YWCA Atlanta’s TGI Tech program, which is an after school STEM program for girls.



Mimi and Daree

I got a chance to catch up with folks. I had more lunch dates and “hang outs” with friends, and two “fan outs”: 1) I saw Kim Kimble (celebrity hairstylist to Beyonce and others) at a screening party where she appeared with a few Atlanta-area celebs to view the Season 2 Finale of her reality show L.A. Hair. 2) I’m at Mimi Faust from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta at the grand opening of my friends boutique.

I hope your August was great too!  What were your favorite events from this summer?

Ms. Kimble