Hi and Bye Hiatus

It’s been 3 months since I’ve posted, and that may be my longest unannounced hiatus. I haven’t abandoned writing, but I don’t like feeling forced to say something just to be making noise.  So here’s some substance for ya:

  • Churchless but not Godless: I was shocked to come home from my BGR Race trip that I documented in my last post to learn that my pastor was no longer with my church. A few months and many meetings later, he has announced the launch of his own church, which will start with at least 2,000 people. It’s kind of mind-blowing. Being without a church home has been hard, but I benefited from going to a women’s bible study at another local church. It made me look at my life differently and feel less negative about certain circumstances. Others have noticed too: when I visited my family for Thanksgiving, my mother and my best friend (in separate, private conversations) told me that I had a new light about me, that something was different and I seemed happier. Despite me temporarily being without a church home, I can say is having regular quiet time with God makes the difference.


  • Proof is approved: My forthcoming relationship book Ending the Blame Game is official! I will announce the launch by Spring 2014. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to all the work with marketing it, but it must be done. I need to take a break from writing books for a little bit.
  • Who would hack me? My professional website was down for a few days due to hacking, but thankfully my partner was able to correct the issues. GoDaddy gave little information and I thought about switching to another host, but I still have 6 years I’ve paid for left with them. 😦

    Highlights from my birthday weekend
    Highlights from my birthday weekend
  • 20131103_132052eBest. birthday. ever. in November: I invited friends to do activities with me that I already wanted to do: movies, hitting the shooting range, and of course eating. A bunch of folks joined me, including a few from out of town to show me love.
  • Keeping it under wraps: You may notice above I have a couple of “new dos”. I’m growing my hair out, and although I still accept my natural hair, it’s not pretty right now because it’s grown out of its style and a perm isn’t the answer. I’ll probably go back to braids this winter.

Check me out tomorrow: I visited the family in November also, and they are coming to my place for Christmas. I also have some running stuff to recap since my last post, including my fear of dogs and racing sign-up frenzy. 🙂



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