On the Run (From the Madness)

All of us out there were troopers... it was #socold on Thanksgiving morning!
All of us out there were troopers… it was #SoCold on Thanksgiving morning!

In my 9 month-running history, I haven’t lost any toenails or suffered so much as a shin splint. Unfortunately my in

jury-free status changed on my first cold run in October:  After my usual dynamic warm-up, by the end of mile 1, my left hamstring started crying. I still can’t figure out how I pulled it, but I suspect I did something funky in a strength training class that week, but I rarely go past 5 miles on any given run.  Running buddies encouraged me to go to the doctor, but my orthopedic doc can never see anything on me with an x-ray, and I didn’t want to pay for an MRI. I decided to lay low and not run for a few weeks, which was depressing.  I did a few more runs after that where my left leg hurt after mile 1, but not as intensely. (Yoga and nightly stretching helped.) Over a month since I came back to running, and thank God, I feel no pain at all.

I accepted the Runner’s World Holiday Streak Challenge: Run at least 1 mile per day every day from Thanksgiving to New Years’ Day.  So far I’m on it! I’m starting and finishing the streak with races: Did a 5K race on Thanksgiving morning when it was a bone-chilling, extremity-numbing 23 degrees in Georgia! (Yes, we get frost, ice and have to scrape it off our cars too!) 30:49–just 9 seconds slower than my last 5K when it was 50 degrees warmer.  I will also do my first 10K race on January 1, called the “Resolution Run.” Something came over me on December 12 (discounts), and I enrolled in 3 races that day that will take place at various times in 2014, including the Resolution Run.

20131129_103613eMy sister bought a dog in October, and I’m not a dog person. So while my dog-loving daughter was overjoyed with excitement about meeting him, I was concerned about how much it would bark and if it would smell and jump and me and stuff… Once my sister got wind of my running streak, she not-so-subtly asked me to take him with me. I am all about facing fears, so I relented, thinking that I could begin to overcome my fear of dogs by running with one. Mind you, this is the only thing that really freaks me out when I’m running outdoors: when you see one coming, I usually cross the street, even if it’s inconvenient or there’s no sidewalk. The verdict? I have [mostly] overcome my fear of my “dogphew,” but will not make any changes when it comes to other dogs I don’t know.

Gray Thursday-Black Friday-Super Saturday-Cyber Monday Madness

Speaking of running around, the Christmas rush is on. Sadly, even going to the grocery store is an adventure in December. I was dreading this whole thing in October and November, but then I decided I would not participate in the frenzy. I did go out the weekend after Thanksgiving, but everything I bought was in cash/debit and it was for ME! I was visiting my family in Virginia and had a great time–didn’t feel depressed being in that area for once.

It was that visit–where I hung out for 5 days to avoid ridiculous airfare–that I also realized whom I am important to. It can be frustrating sometimes to contact folks to get together and not be able to do so after multiple tries (and I mean multiple tries over the course of a year or two, during non-holiday periods). People make time for things that really matter to them.

Hope you and yours have a happy healthy holiday season.


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