What Have You Done All Year?

I hope you enjoy my yearly review of major events and accomplishments in 2013.

What I Did in 2013


Bookish Stuff

Runnin’ Thangs

Me, feeling exuberant after a 7-miler

I obtained three fitness instructor certifications this year, but I’m proudest of my decision to start–and keep on–running. It was monumental that I even started running in the first place!

Super-quick running summary:

  • Finished five 5K races (four in Atlanta, including a 6K, and one in Charlotte)
  • Total of 425 miles ran in approximately 86 hours (April to December)

2014 Plans include more races: one half marathon in Virginia Beach, one 15K in Atlanta, three 10Ks (one in Brooklyn), and several smaller races in Atlanta. (I am also shooting for a race in Boston and other cities as my budget allows.)


This year I went to Virginia (visiting family and friends), Charlotte (runner’s conference), and Las Vegas (fitness conference).

2014 Plans include trips to St. Louis, Cleveland, and a few cities where I hope to run in races as mentioned above.

4 Big I-Want-To-Dos in 2014

These are listed in the order in which I think will be hardest to easiest to achieve:

  1. Learn how to swim
  2. Learn self-defense techniques (I had a scary encounter while running alone the other day)
  3. Finish a half-marathon (at least one, as mentioned above)
  4. Launch my new book

What’s Working…. and What’s Not

This year I’ve benefited from these routines or behaviors:

  • Having regular quiet time
  • Bonding with my daughter through fun activities as well as the nature of homeschooling
  • Regular exercise
  • Cooking real food more often (rather than relying on processed, “convenience” foods)
  • Connecting with friends more often

Start + and Stop –

Behaviors and attitudes I need to start doing (+) and stop doing (-):

Source: SaneSpaces.com
Source: SaneSpaces.com

+ getting more sleep

+ scanning paper documents and receipts to reduce clutter

+ saving more $ to move mid-year and/or take a few trips

– not saving a set amount from each paycheck

– complaining; impatience while driving and waiting in lines

– comparing my status in life with others (thinking theirs is better/easier)

– using items that require a battery or cord past 10 pm (leads to inadequate rest)


Deep Realizations

There’s no win in comparison. Comparing myself to others makes my hurts and frustrations a top priority as it focuses on me, myself and why.

Satisfaction doesn’t come from answers. When it comes to certain things in my life that I don’t understand or that cause me emotional distress, letting go and realizing that I don’t have to know the reasons why, is what brings me real peace. Reasoning, wondering and speculating never do. 


So what have YOU done all year? It’s bragging time! My best wishes for a healthy, happy new year.