What Comforts You?

striped-crochetblankieHaving spent the first 21 years of my life living up north (being born in Pittsburgh, PA and raised in upstate New York), I’m no stranger to cold, snowy, icy conditions. However, since I’ve moved down south, some think I never deal with anything related to winter weather anymore. I wish. Even in Georgia, I had to scrape by car off several times already this winter.  People are “taking cover” because it’s going to dip into the single digits tomorrow.

I have gas heat but I keep my thermostat put and use a lot of thick socks and blankets. A blanket can be a literal or metaphorical symbol for warmth, security and comfort. I have some that I’m attached to.

Unlike me, my mother and grandmother both learned how to sew, knit and crochet at a young age. My grandmother has made patchwork quilts for many, many years–some of which she has donated to hospitals and a few of which she has made for me and my daughter, which I still have.

20131202_212434When my mom visited me for Christmas, she repaired one of my favorite blankets that had come undone over a year ago. I have continued to use it regardless. I fuss if someone else tries to use one of my “made-for-me” blankets.

I have a friend in her 70’s who I visited just after Thanksgiving, and she gave me a blanket that had been knitted for her. It is special to me as well, and I don’t share that one either (smile).

Do you have a favorite blanket, quilt or other item that someone special has given you that you would never replace? Why is it significant to you?


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  1. Daree, I understand whole-heartily about sharing the made-for-me blankets. My mom knits and I have about two or three and she is here visiting me now and just finished another one that i prob won’t share either. Once they r gone these are the things that we will still have as a piece of them!!

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