Are You With the Right Person?

Throughout the month, I’m blogging 20 questions from this month’s feature article on O magazine. 

Question 3- Am I With the Right Person?

I was on the Chat Atlanta show a few weeks ago (click here to listen) and one of the things a panelists said is that a lot of people suffer in their relationships simply because they are not with the right person. I’m currently single but my stance is this: If you do not like the person that you’re with, if you do not share the same values, if you are not BOTH willing to do the work to better your communication, be understanding and compromise with each other, then you’re bound to be miserable.

Julie Orringer* describes a sense of peacefulness that comes over you in dating relationships when you’re with “The One.”  I will let peace be the umpire of my spirit as well, as I wait to meet him.

Do you ever ask yourself this question? What is your conclusion?

*Julie wrote the essay for this question.