What’s Your Deal Breaker?

Throughout the month, I’m blogging 20 questions from this month’s feature article in O magazine.
Question 4- What’s Your Deal Breaker?

Many people are quick to say that cheating is a deal breaker. But it’s hard to say what you’d do if you haven’t been through it before. And forgiveness requires that you don’t give too much credence to other’s opinions.

“In matters of love, you have to know where to draw the line.” – from the O article


Teddy and Tina Campbell discuss his infidelity on Season 3 of Mary Mary on WeTV.

If you don’t know what your boundaries are, you will quickly learn when someone breaks them. So without shame or trepidation, I admit that I have a “report card” that reflects my personal requirements for a mate, love language and deal breakers. I created it in 2007 and use it to evaluate men that I am dating or considering a relationships with. It’s not something I carry with me or print out, but I refer to it when needed. (See Question 1- I’m a deep, reflective person.)

I have only shared the actual content with my sister, but told her she’d have to modify it to reflect her own preferences and requirements. In general I’ll say that I assign points to 10 different qualities/attributes. Like a real report card from school, the maximum points total 100.  If the guy has less than 80 points after a certain period of time, I move on (unless I ignore choose to apply). Two of my key requirements involve a visible proof of his love for God (walking the talk, displaying integrity and intangible characteristics) and for his children, if any. So atheists and deadbeats need not apply. Height, weight and color aren’t present on my list, although I have my preferences like anyone else.


So what are your deal breakers?