How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

(Throughout the month, I’m blogging 20 questions from this month’s feature article on O magazine.)
Credit: Strong Inside/Out
QUESTION 6: How Do I Want to Be Remembered?
Legacy is something to consider while we’re living. My life matters now, and I want it to matter when I’m gone.
The beginning of Hyatt’s Life Plan template asks you to reflect on how you want to be remembered by your family, friends, colleagues and others after you’ve left this earth.
For my daughter, I stated that I wanted her memory of me to be:
Looked up to me as a strong, secure, successful, happy woman who loved her, God, and my family. Someone who modeled clean giving and helped others be better and do better. I gave her the confidence to achieve anything with integrity and faith.
That description is a little serious, maybe even morbid (I wasn’t pre-writing my obituary), but I’m sure she will also think of me as funny and other adjectives 🙂
I want my mentees and friends to be able to say that I truly loved and cared about them, and that I taught them something valuable about their worth and value, living peacefully, producing work with quality and excellence, and allowing themselves to feel joy as often as possible.
It’s easy to take life for granted, but many things about the way I live my life now are with my future–and my daughter’s–in mind. It’s my responsibility to equip her for life to the best of my ability until she’s mature enough to make her own life choices.
Credit: Ms Moem
If today was your last day on earth, how would you want to be remembered? If you feel like you still have more to do, what steps will you take so that your memory will be “complete” (to your satisfaction)?