Do You Say Yes Enough?

(Throughout the month, I’m blogging 20 questions from this month’s feature article on O magazine. )
QUESTION 7: Do I Say Yes Enough?

This is a good one.


Do you say Yes too easily, or not enough?

Liz Lamoreux has a 10-day series of emails from called “Yes, This.” Each day she has a thought, story or exercise that encourages you to seize fleeting moments while they are present–encouraging you to be present, in the present.

The deeper question at the root of it all for me is this: What gets in the way of my “Yeses” when I want to do something but can’t? Is a true lack of time? Lack of money? Fear of my ability or an outcome? (Note that I didn’t say fear of failure–I could also be afraid of success.)

The author of today’s essay in O Mag sums it up like this: “There’s something about saying yes right away, without overthinking, that makes me not want to change my mind. Yes propels you forward, cannonballs you into life.”

We’ll talk more about saying Yes to No tomorrow.


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