Running Around and Feeling Helpless

(Throughout the month, I’m blogging 20 questions from this month’s feature article in O magazine.) 
QUESTION 9- Am I Helpless? 
When I was clinically depressed, I felt like it
When my mom had an open heart surgery at age 48 (a surprise, unscheduled event), I felt like it.
But thank God, I’m not. I’m not helpless OR hopeless. He is my Helper. 

Switching Gears

Since I don’t have much else to say about this question, I’m going to quickly change the subject and make a quick new announcement: I just celebrated my 1st runnerversary!
The 535.45-mile journey (and counting) started with a small but definitive decision and turned into a long-term commitment.

A 1-miler, four 5Ks, 6K, 8K, 10K, and a 15K later, I’m all in! Running is never easy for me, but it’s worth it. I’m doing my 10th race this coming weekend–on the day before Easter!

On the runnerversary date, I even received my order of new running shoes! My very second pair! Gotta break these in before Saturday…