What I Learned From: Doing Weight Watchers for 2 Years (And Why I Stopped)

I am a “Lifetime” member at Weight Watchers, but I don’t know if I’ll ever go to another meeting again.

Every month when it was time to weigh in, I would fast and starve myself while still running outside in Hotlanta, killing myself to keep within 2 lbs of my unrealistic goal. I didn’t even make it to my meeting in June, so I had to pay $14 in July (if you weigh in successfully, your meetings are free that month).

I am still running and working out every week, but not always tracking every meal as I was taught.  Even when I abstain from sugar and other carbs, I don’t lose pounds because I am gaining muscle.  I measure my maintenance success mostly by how my clothes fit and my consistency with workouts and eating a cleaner diet. I recently started going to a chiropractor and during my consultation, he measured my body fat. I like that better than the BMI measurement. But I still have work to do.

I like the accountability of meetings, but otherwise don’t need them. WW recycles the same topics so with 2 years in, there was nothing new to discuss. Plus, for reasons unknown, all my original WW buddies no longer attend the meetings either.


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So after struggling for a year to maintain the required 2-lb allowance from my goal weight, I guess you can say I gave up.

Quitting and giving up are not synonymous. I think giving up is the right thing for me to do in this situation–not stressing every month about an ideal that was not based on reality.


4 thoughts on “What I Learned From: Doing Weight Watchers for 2 Years (And Why I Stopped)

  1. I too am a ‘lifetimer’ but also couldn’t handle the stress of meetings. I follow the program, pay attention to points of new foods I want to try and exercise almost everyday. The BMI thing doesn’t work for me, but the way my clothes fit and how I feel does. To each her own, I say, good for you for listening to ‘that still small voice’ I believe we all have that will guide us well on our journeys.

  2. Found you through NaBloPoMo. I too am a former Weight Watchers member – although I never reached the coveted lifetime member status. I originally started attending meetings with members of my husband’s family. So the support was terrific. No worrying when we went to eat at each other’s homes. But every time I would get close to even setting that final goal weight, I wound up pregnant (we had 4 children). So eventually it seemed to not be worth trying. But I still try to make healthier choices and work towards loosing weight. Best wishes for your journey.

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