20 and Counting

20130626_105158The following is the transcript from my entry for “Thanks, Podcasting” over at Libsyn, which is my media host for my podcast, Kickin’ it with Daree. If you haven’t heard the show, what are you waiting for? Check it out!


You can also listen to the audio that goes with the transcript below.

Welcome to Thanks, Podcasting! where you’ll get to hear stories of inspiration, transformation and impact because of podcasting. My name is Daree Allen from Kickin’ it with Daree over at DareeAllen.com.
My first name is spelled DAREE, and that stands for Delivering A Rich, Empowering Experience. The way that I do that is being an authorpreneur–what I mean by that is, in addition to being a podcast host, I am also a blogger, writer, coach, speaker.  Running a show is a way for me to showcase my other talents, become more of an authority and thought leader, and develop my platform. Of course, I also started my show for the same reason I do all the other things I do as an authorpreneur: to help girls and women live their lives with more confidence and higher standards.

So, how has podcasting changed my life?  Well, it’s been less than 6 months since I launched my show, so I’ll just talk a little but about why I started, my goals, and what I’ve learned so far.

Why I Started – But Didn’t Start Sooner

For literally YEARS, people have been telling me how much they like my speaking voice, and that I should be on the radio or do voiceovers. But being a mom to a “youngin”, writing books and other projects took a lot of my time, and I like to be excellent when I put things out to the world. I can’t excel at multiple projects simultaneously, and I have high standards for my work–I don’t like it to be half-done.


The Plan

My daughter leaves me every summer break to visit her dad and other family members, so I decided that I would launch with 10 episodes. I ended up recording 9 because I couldn’t get to 1 person to sync up her schedule with mine. I recorded all 9 episodes in June, edited them throughout July, even while traveling, and launched with the first 3 episodes on August 4, 2015.

I started really early because I wanted to allow time for things to go wrong, and allow for my learning curve. For example, I adjusted to learning the Audacity software very well–Adobe Audition, not so much. I know how to use but I don’t love it, even though it’s thought to be better than Audacity. I am all about easy of use and simplicity. I also wanted to ease my mind about not having the pressure to produce content weekly, but rather do it in advance, set it up in Libsyn, and then let it release automatically to my outlets.


What I Like About Podcasting

I like having the flexibility of recording and editing later in post-production. I took my laptop with me everywhere this summer and conducted my interviews and edited them.  I love being able to get my message out to the world and help so many people that I will probably never meet. And I always learn from my guests, who in many cases I sought out to share their wisdom and expertise, but am excited to see requests coming through to get on my show–it’s a great feeling to be wanted or be in demand, you know? 🙂


Growing and Building a Base

From audio clips to hosting to software to equipment, podcasting can be an expensive hobby. I have a commercial in each episode, but have not monetized it formally.  As of the time of this recording, I am 20 episodes in with my interview-style podcast–I haven’t yet done a show where I do all the talking, although I CERTAINLY could. It takes many hours for me to produce my shows, which are typically 30-50 minutes long, but that’s what it’s like in the beginning when you’re starting out. I am grateful for the experience and for the feedback I get personally from people on social media, so although my show is not perfect, nothing is, and I know I’m off to a great start.


Shout Outs

I know how hard it is to get feedback. So I want to publicly shout out a few people whose content has helped me, and continues to inspire me as I listen to their wisdom, and that would be John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast, one of my favorite fitness trainers, Shaun T of Define Your Life, and the hosts of Showrunner FM, Jerod Morris and Jonny Nastor. These guys were basically my virtual consultants, because I listened to these shows all the time while contemplating the launch of my own show: I listened when training, like when I was doing my long runs to train for races, or while lifting weights, or sitting on the couch as if I was going to watch TV instead, or taking road trips.  Doing so helped me decide what kind of format I wanted for my show, how to do my intros, and a host of other important elements of running a show on my own.

Through it all, I just want to keep growing and helping my audience with THEIR personal growth and development. So I want to give a HEARTFELT thank you to my listeners for their support–and that includes YOU, thanks to my guests, thanks Libsyn, and thanks to all the podcasters who have helped me launch so I can do my thing.