2015 Race Stats

In Part 2 of my 2015 yearly review, I recap my third year of running, which was my least exciting. I didn’t even do my first race of the year until the year was half over!
Outside my hotel room in San Juan

Although I ran less overall, I didn’t give into any pressure to run half marathons like my other buddies (I know which distances work for me), nor to run races in town because they’re popular. I sought to do only “away” races (except for a special one, and you’ll see why in a sec.

TOTAL RUNNING TIME– 22 hours, 21 minutes (includes regular workouts, training and races)
TOTAL DISTANCE– 227.48 miles
MAX MONTH- June, 74.32
MIN MONTH- In December 2014, I had surgery that kept me from exercising for awhile. So in January, it was 0 miles, and in March and April, I did less than 10 each month. This month (December 2015), I did 0 just because I’m being lazy.
RACES RAN– 4 (down from 11 in 2014); the local fun run I did was for bacon!
“AWAY” CITIES– 3 (Utica Boilermaker 15K, Chicago Women Rock! 10K, and DIVAS Puerto Rico 5K)
NEW RUN SHOE: Saucony Ride 6 (red), but only because Amazon had an awesome deal and I already had them in another color
BIGGEST RACE PEEVE: I may have mentioned this on previous race recaps, but I need more mid-distance races (5 milers, 8Ks, etc.). Too many race series have options like 5K & Half/Full marathon, with no in between distances offered. 😦
FAVE MEDALChicago Women Rock! (10K), September 19
FAVE RACE APPAREL – Chicago Women Rock! (10K) jacket
I would have liked to do the A Christmas Story Run (Cleveland, in December) but I had a schedule conflict. It remains on my “To-Do” list.


Runners, how did you do compared to last year? Are you running more, faster, about the same? How did it match your goals?