Looking Ahead to 2016 (The Goal-Getter in Me)

20150906_155418cIt’s been 9 years that I’ve been blogging off and on (I started this blog in January 2007).  This is Part 3 of 3 in my 2015 yearly review.


5 PLACES I WANTED TO GO in 2015–and those To Be Continued…
– NYC (I did that in July, visiting old friends I hadn’t seen in over a decade, and their small children. It’s funny, the last time I saw those ladies, they weren’t moms.)
– L.A., to be on another talk show like Ellen, Wendy, Fallon or The REAL and be in the audience with my sister. I went to the Wendy Show in July, during the trip mentioned above, but I had no luck getting a booking for Ellen during her 12 Days of Christmas where she gives away EPIC gifts that almost rival Oprah’s. I also was an audience member of Family Feud in May, and another show in March called “Fake Off.”

– EssenceFest* (Nope, maybe in 2016)
– Puerto Rico* and/or Hawaii* – These spots have been on my list for years, and I hit the former last month for the DIVAS 5K, but not the latter.
– My hometown (I have not been to my hometown in 12 years, and there is a 15K race I want to do–it was even recommended as a go-to in Runner’s World magazine this month) – DONE!


Marketing and forming alliances with other amazing entrepreneurs and authorpreneurs.

– Moving (either to a different neighborhood, possibly out of state). Well, no one really likes moving, but if I find a bigger home and I can swing it, it’s a done deal.

– Launching my forthcoming self-publishing e-Course (coming in February 2016)!

– Launching a journaling e-Course this Spring.  If you’re interested in journaling, you may want to check out the one I created for girls here.

What are your plans for 2016? If you’d like my new, free workbook with questions to help you get clear on your goals for the year, click the button below.

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