Happiness is in the Process–Not in the Results

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It’s been almost two years since I went to L.A. and attended an event where Russell Simmons was interviewed and then conducted a book signing for his latest book, Super Rich.

I just started and finished the book this month. Awesome!

As usual, I want to share some of the points in the book that I will use. I won’t try to explain them all, even though there is much context surrounding everything listed here. (My personal comments on this list are in brackets.)

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I Look Like I Don’t Need a Man?

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I got this comment from recent ex. Just how does a woman who LOOKS like she doesn’t need a man look?

Hmmmm… I’ll come back to this in a bit.

I read a wonderful book on Labor Day called My Cat Won’t Bark: A Relationship Epiphany by Kevin Darne. I was able to read it on my Kindle in a matter of hours and I recommend it to anyone–male or female–who is unhappy in their relationship. The first point that got me was, “By staying put [in the relationship], you’re saying, “This is the best I can do.” Another excellent point the author makes is to ask for what you want from your partner and then make a decision: “If it’s a deal breaker, get out. If not, learn to live without.” And a third gem: “If you ask your partner for something multiple times and you s/he won’t give it, either they don’t have it in them to give, or they don’t think you’re worth the effort.” See why I couldn’t put it down?

This book confirmed some things that were nagging me about my own relationship. And you know what? The next day, it was over. Or so I thought.

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PUSHing for More: A Book Review for the Goal-Getter in You

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I just finished the book PUSH by Chalene Johnson. Awesome for a goal-getter like me!  Chalene is the CEO of Powder Blue Productions and a fitness/life coach. One of her programs, TurboKick, is my favorite–it’s actually the only one I’ve tried, so it has to be  :)!  I love it so much that I put it in my author bio!

The thrust of the book is that from all your goals, you should identify a “PUSH” goal (the one that has a domino effect on the others), and schedule daily to-do tasks to reach that PUSH goal. You start by making a list of 10 things you want to challenge yourself to accomplish in the next 12 months (she says at least one of them should be a health-related), and figure out which one will PUSH you to success in all the others. In other words, which goal will have the maximum effect? (At least that’s what I think she means.) The only thing I’m still confused about is whether you should make to-do task lists for the other 9 goals (I’m thinking yes, but it’s unclear in the book). Continue reading “PUSHing for More: A Book Review for the Goal-Getter in You”

I’m an IndieReader Finalist!

My book “Whats Wrong With Me?” has made the cut as one of the top Young Adult titles in the first annual IndieReader Discovery Awards! This contest is exclusively for independent publishers and self-publishers like myself, and my book received 4 out of 5 stars. Winners will be announced this Sunday at the Book Expo America, a large trade show in New York City. I’m excited and happy to be acknowledged!

The Wait is Over: “What’s Wrong With Me?” Book Release!

The wait is over! I am officially an author–two times over!

As I mentioned 2 weeks ago, today is the day of my dual book launch! While people are celebrating Valentine’s Day or going about their business, I am happy, excited, ecstatic and proud to revel in this accomplishment. If you haven’t already, please do browse my one-month-old re-launched website, check out my upcoming appearances, read unbiased reviews of my book, and participate in the special giveaway going on all week!

 Get a Free Chapter of the Book!https://dareeallen.leadpages.co/leadbox-943.js

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Healed Without Scars: A Message for Men

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I met the author of Healed Without Scars last week. Carlos Phillips and his wife met Desi* and I last week at an IHOP near Fort Worth, TX. Together, the four of us discussed how men deal with relationships, what happens when they divorce, and how they can regroup, heal with God’s help, and bring their families back together.

Carlos gave me a copy of his book which I read on the plane ride home to Atlanta. With his blessing I am sharing my thoughts on some of the points in his book, in the hopes that you can glean from insight from his story of divorce and remarriage after he healed without any trace of brokenness. Carlos spent 7 years being a single father to two sons before he met his new wife in 2006. They married one year later, to the day!

Healed Without Scars reads as a frank testimony to some of the situations Carlos found himself in, and the lessons he learned about himself. I think many men will identify with it. (Even I, as a divorced woman, can see many of the point he makes in my own experience.) This book is not just for divorced men; it will benefit any man who is looking for a healthy, long-term relationship. It gives insight and hope, and it makes you think about your role in your relationships. Continue reading “Healed Without Scars: A Message for Men”