And We’re Off: The Book Launch Was a Hit!

EBG Book Launch Party at BQE

Daree explains how she came up with the book concept.
Daree explains how she came up with the book concept.

The launch of Ending the Blame Game was a success! I am so thankful for the support of my friends and colleagues in this event. A quick recap:

I discussed the book content and how my cousin inspired me to write it. Then I followed up with a reading by a 7-man panel. (You can read an excerpt here.)

We had a deep and lively discussion about relationships, coparenting and fatherhood with our simultaneous live TweetChat.

Men's reading panel
Men’s reading panel

We raffled off a t-shirt, a book, and a 30-day marketing package from The Survival Radio Network.

And since we held this event at a restaurant/lounge, we ate good all the while!
Read a Book Excerpt

With so much positive feedback and requests to make this a series, I may hold events on a quarterly basis depending on interest. We need to keep the dialogue going. And we need more input from single fathers.

Want Your Copy?

Amazon (if it shows this title as out of stock–you can still get yours from me directly (with my autograph).





LaLa’s Book Signing… and Mine!

20140327_193455Remember last year when I almost met Wendy Williams at her Barnes & Noble book signing?  They sold out of books and therefore I didn’t get a wristband.  Well, they didn’t make the same mistake at La La Anthony’s book signing last night.

20140327_210535La La’s event was different because she didn’t address the audience or take questions. I didn’t have more than a few seconds with her to say anything. But I know I am going to enjoy her book (it’s about relationships and life lessons–two topics my books cover as well).


#EndBlameGame TweetChat


Speaking of my books, I wanted you to know that you can participate in my book launch even if you’re not at my party tomorrow.

I’m hosting a Twitter party, or what I like to call a “TweetChat” during the launch party tomorrow. You can follow along with our discussion on Twitter starting at March 29 at 5 pm EST by following me on Twitter (@DareeAllen), and include the hashtag #EndBlameGame in your comment. (The hashtag keeps our conversation “together” even if you do not follow me.)

For example, I’ll post a question like this:  “Q1: Why is it that…. #EndBlameGame”

To respond, you’d type: “A1: I think it’s because… #EndBlameGame”

To keep up with the conversation and read others responses, simply search for this hashtag in Twitter.

Everyone at the party will be posting their pictures using this hashtag as well, so it’s like a digital archive of the event. I can’t wait!


Chocolate Me!

20140126_083511As the days drew closer to the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K yesterday, my anxiety grew. I was prepared to run the distance (15K = 9.3 miles) because I trained properly and did my first running streak throughout December, but I heard that the parking situation was a mess last year, so I was on guard.

In Atlanta, several races begin and end at major landmarks like Piedmont Park and Turner Field, the former home of the Atlanta Braves. Like the Thanksgiving Day race I did, this race was at Turner Field. And I had received several emails from the race organizers stressing that parking passes were mandatory to park in their lots, but parking space could not be guaranteed if arriving after 6:30 am.

20140124_114452I tossed and turned early that morning, then arrived at the exit to Turner Field at 6:05 am. It took me one hour to crawl around the side streets and finally get a spot. Nerve wracking. And honestly, that was the worst part of the day.  It was 10 degrees warmer than the Thanksgiving Day and New Years Day races, but still cold. For some reason, the 5K started before the 15K (I am used to the longest race distance starting first), so I had a long wait before it was time to stand outside in my corral (15K start time was approximately 8:25 am).

One thing I love about racing is the costumes, the volunteers and the spectators! A lady near me at Grant Park was running with a tutu, sash, and cute headband that said “30th.”  I wished her a happy birthday as we went up that hill.  Next I saw my people, Black Girls Run at a water station.  Later I saw a lady on the sidelines holding a sign that read, “WHERE IS EVERYONE GOING?”  On another street, cars were stopped and a couple of little kids were hanging out of the window giving high fives. Those kinds of sights do my heart good!
Continue reading “Chocolate Me!”

Fusion Teen Talk Show Forum

I was a part of a wonderful show last summer that reminds me a little bit of BET’s Teen Summit. We are screening the first episode this Saturday with a panel/forum to follow.

A Day in the Life of a Teen Forum



I got this nice email from the team at Fusion Teen Talk Show afterward.

Thank You Panel

They have a “All Things Fusion” campaign at Indiegogo, with a mission to raise $5,000 to help with the cost of production, distribution, etc. You may donate at the Fusion Teen Talk Show Indiegogo website, You can also check out the Fusion Sizzle Reel  (you may see yourself!)

What Have You Done All Year?

I hope you enjoy my yearly review of major events and accomplishments in 2013.

What I Did in 2013


Bookish Stuff

Runnin’ Thangs

Me, feeling exuberant after a 7-miler

I obtained three fitness instructor certifications this year, but I’m proudest of my decision to start–and keep on–running. It was monumental that I even started running in the first place!

Super-quick running summary:

  • Finished five 5K races (four in Atlanta, including a 6K, and one in Charlotte)
  • Total of 425 miles ran in approximately 86 hours (April to December)

2014 Plans include more races: one half marathon in Virginia Beach, one 15K in Atlanta, three 10Ks (one in Brooklyn), and several smaller races in Atlanta. (I am also shooting for a race in Boston and other cities as my budget allows.)


This year I went to Virginia (visiting family and friends), Charlotte (runner’s conference), and Las Vegas (fitness conference).

2014 Plans include trips to St. Louis, Cleveland, and a few cities where I hope to run in races as mentioned above.

4 Big I-Want-To-Dos in 2014

These are listed in the order in which I think will be hardest to easiest to achieve:

  1. Learn how to swim
  2. Learn self-defense techniques (I had a scary encounter while running alone the other day)
  3. Finish a half-marathon (at least one, as mentioned above)
  4. Launch my new book Continue reading “What Have You Done All Year?”

On the Run (From the Madness)

All of us out there were troopers... it was #socold on Thanksgiving morning!
All of us out there were troopers… it was #SoCold on Thanksgiving morning!

In my 9 month-running history, I haven’t lost any toenails or suffered so much as a shin splint. Unfortunately my in

jury-free status changed on my first cold run in October:  After my usual dynamic warm-up, by the end of mile 1, my left hamstring started crying. I still can’t figure out how I pulled it, but I suspect I did something funky in a strength training class that week, but I rarely go past 5 miles on any given run.  Running buddies encouraged me to go to the doctor, but my orthopedic doc can never see anything on me with an x-ray, and I didn’t want to pay for an MRI. I decided to lay low and not run for a few weeks, which was depressing.  I did a few more runs after that where my left leg hurt after mile 1, but not as intensely. (Yoga and nightly stretching helped.) Over a month since I came back to running, and thank God, I feel no pain at all.

I accepted the Runner’s World Holiday Streak Challenge: Run at least 1 mile per day every day from Thanksgiving to New Years’ Day.  So far I’m on it! I’m starting and finishing the streak with races: Did a 5K race on Thanksgiving morning when it was a bone-chilling, extremity-numbing 23 degrees in Georgia! (Yes, we get frost, ice and have to scrape it off our cars too!) 30:49–just 9 seconds slower than my last 5K when it was 50 degrees warmer.  I will also do my first 10K race on January 1, called the “Resolution Run.” Something came over me on December 12 (discounts), and I enrolled in 3 races that day that will take place at various times in 2014, including the Resolution Run. Continue reading “On the Run (From the Madness)”

Hi and Bye Hiatus

It’s been 3 months since I’ve posted, and that may be my longest unannounced hiatus. I haven’t abandoned writing, but I don’t like feeling forced to say something just to be making noise.  So here’s some substance for ya:

  • Churchless but not Godless: I was shocked to come home from my BGR Race trip that I documented in my last post to learn that my pastor was no longer with my church. A few months and many meetings later, he has announced the launch of his own church, which will start with at least 2,000 people. It’s kind of mind-blowing. Being without a church home has been hard, but I benefited from going to a women’s bible study at another local church. It made me look at my life differently and feel less negative about certain circumstances. Others have noticed too: when I visited my family for Thanksgiving, my mother and my best friend (in separate, private conversations) told me that I had a new light about me, that something was different and I seemed happier. Despite me temporarily being without a church home, I can say is having regular quiet time with God makes the difference.


  • Proof is approved: My forthcoming relationship book Ending the Blame Game is official! I will announce the launch by Spring 2014. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to all the work with marketing it, but it must be done. I need to take a break from writing books for a little bit.
  • Who would hack me? My professional website was down for a few days due to hacking, but thankfully my partner was able to correct the issues. GoDaddy gave little information and I thought about switching to another host, but I still have 6 years I’ve paid for left with them. 😦

    Highlights from my birthday weekend
    Highlights from my birthday weekend
  • 20131103_132052eBest. birthday. ever. in November: I invited friends to do activities with me that I already wanted to do: movies, hitting the shooting range, and of course eating. A bunch of folks joined me, including a few from out of town to show me love.
  • Keeping it under wraps: You may notice above I have a couple of “new dos”. I’m growing my hair out, and although I still accept my natural hair, it’s not pretty right now because it’s grown out of its style and a perm isn’t the answer. I’ll probably go back to braids this winter.

Check me out tomorrow: I visited the family in November also, and they are coming to my place for Christmas. I also have some running stuff to recap since my last post, including my fear of dogs and racing sign-up frenzy. 🙂