Can We Hang Out? How to Cultivate Meaningful Friendships as an Adult

How to create and cultivate friendships as an adult?

With so many demands on our time, including jobs, school and family obligations, sometimes we don’t get to spend time with our friends as much as we’d like. Months and even years can go by without seeing friends who live in the same area. In an age of social media and technology, we can easily become more distant and disconnected.HangingOut-216H


Check out a new episode of the podcast, where we cover…

• The four different levels/categories of friendship, and how to distinguish between them
• How to let go of a friendship you have outgrown
• How to cultivate existing friendships that you want to maintain
• The best way to reach out to someone new (or an acquaintance) to pursue or deepen a friendship


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We Are LIVE – Kickin’ It with Daree

Hey hey hey, I’m LIVE! You can now check out my brand new podcast episodes on my main website.  I’ve included a short intro below describing what the show is about, in case you didn’t see this post.



2015: Looking Ahead

This blog is entering its 8th year (I started it in January 2007).  I usually write about goals and such between my birthday (in November) and the close of the year. This is Part 3 of 3 in my 2014 yearly review.


5 PLACES I WANT TO GO in 2015picjumbo.com_HNCK2304-40e
– NYC (I would have gone in October, but a race I scheduled there was cancelled)
– L.A. (to be on another talk show like Ellen, Wendy, Fallon or The REAL and be in the audience with my sister)
– EssenceFest*
– Puerto Rico* and/or Hawaii* (these have been on my list for years, as I’ve never done them)
– My hometown (I have not been to my hometown in 12 years, and there is a 15K race I want to do–it was even recommended as a go-to in Runner’s World magazine this month)

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2014: The Year in Review

This week’s posts are loosely based on a format from my graphic designer and a fellow runblogger I discovered last year who makes a nice infographic of her yearly race statistics.

Part 1 of 3: “Ree-flections” on 2014

One of many classic shots from my photo shoot this year with Simply Zee Imagery in Marietta, GA.
One of many classic shots this year with Simply Zee Imagery in Marietta, GA.


3 of my FAVORITE MEMORIES in 2014
– My photo shoot (Feb)

– Meeting folks at Sweetie Pies and visiting the Christmas Story museum in the same weekend (Oct)


– Getting to travel to almost every place I had planned at the end of 2013 (including NOLA and Boston)
– NOT living from paycheck to paycheck (for the first time since 2011)


Accepting that people are who they are and that they will probably not change.  (I already knew this but a couple of situations reminded me that no matter how you treat someone, you must A) allow adequate time to get to know someone before letting them in emotionally, and B) accept how they behave and treat you at face value.)


– Paid off the first furniture set I ever purchased, interest free (March)

Tomorrow I will recap my racing accomplishments this year.
What positive (or life changing) memories do you have from this year?

Happy Father’s Day – EBG Ebook Deal

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Ladies, have you ever loved a single dad? Dealing with one now?
Need solid advice about blended family matters?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this book, “Ending the Blame Game” will give you the answers you’ve been searching for. And for a limited time, you can grab the ebook on Kindle or Nook for just *99 cents.* Happy Father’s Day!

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Why Are You Here?

(This post is the final in my 20 questions series taken from the April 2014 feature article in O magazine.)


QUESTION 20 – Why Are We Here?


For the finale, Oprah has us ponder and ask yourself why you are here. What is your purpose on this earth?
Here’s a Christian perspective:
What is the purpose of life? It is that we should revere the all-powerful God. To revere God means to respect and stand in awe of him because of who he is. Purpose in life starts with whom we know, not what we know or how good we are. It is impossible to fulfill your God-given purpose unless you revere God and give him first place in your life.


Many years ago I read The Purpose-Driven Life and it’s an excellent book to help Christians begin to understand their purpose, why God created us and the reason we exist.



I know why I’m here. Do you? If not, how will you find out?

Do You Let Yourself Fail Enough?

(Throughout the month, I’m blogging 20 questions from this month’s feature article in O magazine.) 


QUESTION 19 – Do I Let Myself Fail Enough?


We’re coming down to the home stretch here with these 20 questions of the month. This question goes hand in hand with allowing yourself to say Yes more often.  Making mistakes or getting something wrong is often how you get closer to figuring out what’s right. So-called failure is necessary for personal growth.



I have made some not-so-prudent business decisions when hiring people to help produce my first book, for instance. I’ve relocated a few time and spent years in new cities where I had almost no family or connections.  My marriage failed 10 years ago, and I have experienced devastating financial setbacks. I have done many things in my adult life that are very brave, but I also see areas where I play it safe.


My speaking career has not flourished the way would have liked since starting that investment and pursuit in 2008 with Toastmasters and then various mentors and coaches thereafter.


It doesn’t mean I’m going to give up. I know the talent and gift I have, and that it’s needed.


I could probably stand to get out there more, make more cold calls and face potential rejection.   Or potential exposure. But neither is failure.


What task or project do you need to take a leap of faith on?