Are You With the Right Person?

Throughout the month, I’m blogging 20 questions from this month’s feature article on O magazine. 

Question 3- Am I With the Right Person?

I was on the Chat Atlanta show a few weeks ago (click here to listen) and one of the things a panelists said is that a lot of people suffer in their relationships simply because they are not with the right person. I’m currently single but my stance is this: If you do not like the person that you’re with, if you do not share the same values, if you are not BOTH willing to do the work to better your communication, be understanding and compromise with each other, then you’re bound to be miserable.

Julie Orringer* describes a sense of peacefulness that comes over you in dating relationships when you’re with “The One.”  I will let peace be the umpire of my spirit as well, as I wait to meet him.

Do you ever ask yourself this question? What is your conclusion?

*Julie wrote the essay for this question.

Do You Care Too Much About What People Think?

Throughout the month, I’m blogging 20 questions from this month’s feature article on O magazine. 

Question 2: Do I Care Too Much About What People Think?

No. I am not a people-pleaser, and I don’t suffer from low self-esteem or approval addiction.

“What people think of you is really none of your business.” – Martha Graham

Being true to you is an overarching theme of my first book. In it, I describe situations where I dumbed down in hopes of being accepted by my peers. And as an adult, I’ve had conversations with men who tell me that because of my strong, low voice and confidence in how I carry myself, men are somewhat intimidated to approach me.

But I’m not going to change the way I talk to impress anyone.

“Too Much”

Now if you remove the words “Too Much” from this question, my answer would be “Yes,” on condition. I value the opinions of a small circle of people who are close to me, love and respect me, and only want the best for me. At the same time, I’m the only one who can live my life–they can’t live it for me. So when I make decisions, my top considerations are how it will affect me and my daughter, and whether God is for it. (Sometimes in that order, to be honest.)

Your turn–do you care TOO MUCH about what others think of you?

O’s 20 Questions: Do You Examine Your Life Enough?

O-Magazine-Apr-2014-Cover-813x1024Just received the April issue of O magazine in the mail (a little late–and got the March issue 2 days later!). The cover story is “20 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself Today!” You would get tired answering all 20 questions in one day, but I love to journal so I decided to blog the answers to those questions, one per day this month.  This is a trend, since I wrote every day last April, too. (And by the way, I think these self-reflective questions are good for anyone-not just women.)

Question 1- Do I Examine My Life Enough?

Yes. I’m deep.

“Life is brief, but if you’re brave, it’s deep.” – Elissa Schappell*

I’m always thinking about how I feel about my circumstances, what my goals are, what’s coming up next, and where I want to be in my life 6 months, 1 year or more from now. Quarterly, I review my life plan, which assists me with covering the deeper issues and dreams at hand.

How often do you examine your life? What method do you use for self-examination?

Elissa wrote the essay for Question 2, which I’ll cover next time.


TomorrowWikipedia: Tomorrow normally refers to the day after the present day.

The Book is Here! and Making it Personal

Yay! Woo-hoo!

I’ve talked about it in many posts this past year, and I’m so happy to now announce that my new book is finally here! It was literally a labor of love.

Over the weekend, I did an interviews on The Relationship Party, Chat Atlanta and Intentional Life shows where I discussed different aspects of the book and why I wrote it.

Please consider ordering Ending the Blame Game from my website, especially if you want a signed copy and will not be at my launch party this weekend.

Continue reading here.

I Love a Happy Blending

These days, blended families are becoming the new normal. A woman, married or not, may live with a man and children where the children are a product of a previous relationship.

Some people manage it well. I remember reading in Vanessa Williams book that she has a big Thanksgiving dinner every year with all her ex-husbands and children–and it’s not awkward!

In this clip, former NFL player Deion Sanders has lunch with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. They talk about their children and their mutual respect for each other and their common denominator, Tracey Edmonds (Deion’s girlfriend and Babyface’s ex-wife and mother of their children).

But sometimes things don’t go quite as smoothly.  Continue reading here.


Only 1 Week to Go!

I’m only one week away from the release date! Check out a verbal overview:

Who is this book written for? [00:29 – 01:00] and [03:22 – 04:00]
What is this book about? [01:00 – 02:20] and [03:01 – 03:21]
Where did I get my information/research from? [02:21 – 03:00]
My other books [04:01 – 04:40]
Launch party in Atlanta  [04:41 – 05:01]
Book formats available [05:02 to end]


2014 Book Launch: Ending the Blame Game

Daree holding her new bookSingle parenting, co-parenting and blended families are a part of life. I’m a single parent, which is unfortunately all too common these days. But not all single parents are women. What about single fathers? What do they deal with? Why have some of them never gotten married? What are their struggles in relationships, and in life? And what would it take for us as a people–in the Black community–to stop blaming each other for our problems, hurt feelings, distrust, and resentment and come together?

Ending the Blame Game: Single Black Fathers on Relationships will be released on March 25, 2014, giving some insight into those subjects and more!

I’m celebrating with a launch party on March 29 in Atlanta, Ga. Save the date and come out if you can!


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