What I Learned From: Reading Celebrity Memoirs (And Why You Should Read Mine)

“Bookworm” is a badge I wear proudly and have ever since I was a kid. My books of choice then were mainly fiction tales, never dreaming that as an adult I would write my own memoir.

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What Are You Missing Out On?

(Throughout the month, I’m blogging 20 questions from this month’s feature article in O magazine.)


QUESTION 18 – What Am I Missing Out On?



The O article for this question discusses pop culture (books and movies), but I tend to go against the grain. I didn’t do things or participate in events or watch certain movies just because their popular or because “everyone else is doing it.” So I realize that I miss a lot–and that’s good. I can’t let FOMO get to me. There’s some things I just don’t need to see or do. Ever.


LaLa’s Book Signing… and Mine!

20140327_193455Remember last year when I almost met Wendy Williams at her Barnes & Noble book signing?  They sold out of books and therefore I didn’t get a wristband.  Well, they didn’t make the same mistake at La La Anthony’s book signing last night.

20140327_210535La La’s event was different because she didn’t address the audience or take questions. I didn’t have more than a few seconds with her to say anything. But I know I am going to enjoy her book (it’s about relationships and life lessons–two topics my books cover as well).


#EndBlameGame TweetChat


Speaking of my books, I wanted you to know that you can participate in my book launch even if you’re not at my party tomorrow.

I’m hosting a Twitter party, or what I like to call a “TweetChat” during the launch party tomorrow. You can follow along with our discussion on Twitter starting at March 29 at 5 pm EST by following me on Twitter (@DareeAllen), and include the hashtag #EndBlameGame in your comment. (The hashtag keeps our conversation “together” even if you do not follow me.)

For example, I’ll post a question like this:  “Q1: Why is it that…. #EndBlameGame”

To respond, you’d type: “A1: I think it’s because… #EndBlameGame”

To keep up with the conversation and read others responses, simply search for this hashtag in Twitter.

Everyone at the party will be posting their pictures using this hashtag as well, so it’s like a digital archive of the event. I can’t wait!


So Many Books, So Little Time

Source: Full Fontal

My relaxing bedtime routine includes a book (or occasionally a magazine). Recently I’ve been getting audiobooks from the library and I love them!  It makes the most of my time in the car every day, and definitely for this holiday road trip I’m taking this week.

As a girl I always loved going to the library. I used to read new books every week, I went through them so fast, and the escapism it gave me was much less damaging than any drug. Not to mention a loneliness cure.

Source: Adelle Laudan

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