I Look Like I Don’t Need a Man?

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I got this comment from recent ex. Just how does a woman who LOOKS like she doesn’t need a man look?

Hmmmm… I’ll come back to this in a bit.

I read a wonderful book on Labor Day called My Cat Won’t Bark: A Relationship Epiphany by Kevin Darne. I was able to read it on my Kindle in a matter of hours and I recommend it to anyone–male or female–who is unhappy in their relationship. The first point that got me was, “By staying put [in the relationship], you’re saying, “This is the best I can do.” Another excellent point the author makes is to ask for what you want from your partner and then make a decision: “If it’s a deal breaker, get out. If not, learn to live without.” And a third gem: “If you ask your partner for something multiple times and you s/he won’t give it, either they don’t have it in them to give, or they don’t think you’re worth the effort.” See why I couldn’t put it down?

This book confirmed some things that were nagging me about my own relationship. And you know what? The next day, it was over. Or so I thought.

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You Can’t Talk to Men Like You Talk to Your Girls

A friend invited me to attend a WATTS meeting (Women Aspiring Together To Succeed) in Snellville, GA on Valentine’s Eve.  The meeting’s theme was “Unraveling the Mysteries of Men & Women in Relationships.” Plenty of men and women attended, and I felt very comfortable and enjoyed myself. In this post, I’m sharing some highlights with you.

Jack A. Daniels, author, coach, and counselor recently relocated to Atlanta, GA from St. Louis, MO. He opened by saying that yes, his name really was Jack Daniels, and then asked us to repeat the following phrase: “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” Simple, yet profound!
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Seize the Day!

Yesterday I attended a wonderful event called “Seize the Day,” in which 11 speakers discussed business, motivation and personal empowermentover 8 hours. The presenters in order of appearance were Les Brown, Tom Hopkins, Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, Phil Town, Ben Stein, Laura Bush, Than Merrill, John Smoltz, John Maxwell, and Terry Bradshaw. This post is not a full recap, but I will mention some highlights.

As a Toastmaster and aspiring professional speaker, I arrived eagerly anticipating the speeches from Les Brown and John Maxwell. However, I took notes on all* the presenters–not just what they said, but what they did. Some of these nuances are things I would have changed, and some are things I’d like to emulate in my own future presentations. Therefore, in this post, I’ll give you a list of quotables and speaker evaluations.

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Tweet Tweet! What’s All the Fuss With Twitter?

“I don’t get Twitter. What can I do with Twitter that I can’t do with Facebook?” I have heard this question over and over again. The answer? A LOT.

I’m not knocking Facebook or any other site in this post. I just finished reading The cover of The Twitter BookThe Twitter Book, and it was a fun read, with a simple and easy-to-follow (no pun intended) layout. You really don’t know what you’re missing until you check out this book—and as future editions are already planned, this book is just the tip of the iceberg.

The book layout is in a sideways rectangular format (pardon me, as I don’t know the official book format type) as is another O’Reilly book, the nicely done Social Media Marketing by Dan Zarrella). Every other page gives clear screenshots and callouts with examples of what they’re describing in the text.

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