Amazing Grace: My Life in March 2013

Credit: Seth Polk (via Renee Swope)
Credit: Seth Polk (via Renee Swope)

I’m allowing myself to receive more grace (from God and myself) these days. It is a specific focus I’ve had for the past several weeks. I’ve been paying more attention to things that I truly enjoy, things I do only because I have to, and the unkindled desires of my heart. By staying in tune with my daily routines and experiences and categorizing them like so, I can choose where to exhibit (and accept) more grace in my life.

Every Day I’m Hustlin’

March was a month that brought me quite a few accomplishments, including winning the 2013 Stiletto Women in Business Award (SWIBA) Author of the Year Award, becoming a finalist in the 2012 ForeWord Reviews Awards, and earned 2 new fitness certifications (see the certification link below for details).
Toward the end of the month were more special happenings:20130329_190010e

  • Performed 2 more fitness auditions for TurboKick and “passed” them. (I completed new hire paperwork for one company and an application for the other.)
  • Danced in 3 performances at church over Easter weekend–my first public performances in over a decade.
  • Completed self-edits for my forthcoming title, Ending the Blame Game, and submitted the manuscript to my editor. We also finalized the book cover, which I’ll share soon.
  • Bought my first couch – a nice purple/burgundy sectional!
  • Hired a babysitter for the first time in my daughter’s life (she’s almost 10) for my all day hip hop hustle certification and we both survived 🙂 . She ended up having 2 new babysitters that day because the first girl got ill halfway through the day. She said she now prefers babysitters to drop-off day care because (and I quote): “…they can take you places and they’ll do whatever you want.” She’s such a charmer.
  • Set up my first Kindle Promo for my book What’s Wrong With Me?: A Girl’s Book of Lessons Learned, Inspiration and Advice. Stay tuned for details!

A to Z Blog Challenge

For April, I am taking part in the A to Z challenge, blogging almost every day.  Check out the “B” side tomorrow!