Getting to the Next Level? I Don’t Need It

I love Tyler Perry’s new video on his Facebook page about how to be successful. In essence, he talks about

Photo Credit: Christian Beirle Gonzalez

focusing on one thing at a time and believing in it, and seeing it through. He uses the metaphor of planting a seed, saying that you can’t spray water across the field and expect much of it to get to the one seed you planted. But if you continually plant and water in the right area, God will give the increase. I love it!

This is why I don’t get excited when people give me their (often unsolicited) advice for what I should do as a new author. I’ve heard that I should now:

– start a nonprofit
– team up with a local “megachurch”
– do a book tour all over the country
– get a show on blogtalkradio

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The Bottle That Changed My Life: Part 1

woman on scale in the bathroomThis post is about my personal experience as I come toward the finish line of Round 1, Phase 2 of the hCG diet, which I just learned about a month ago, even though it’s not some new fad.

The hCG Protocol

I believe that my body is the temple where the Holy Spirit dwells in me, but it’s been over a year since I treated it that way.  I rarely get manicures, massages, or even go to a professional to get my hair “done” these days. And I certainly haven’t been taking good care of my inner health, either.

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Things I Want to Ask Foxy Brown

You can call her Coffy, Jackie Brown, or  Sheba, Baby. But most of know her as the beautiful, sexy, take-no-shorts blaxploitation heroine Foxy Brown. The inspiration for rapper Inga Marchand‘s moniker.

Pam Grier. The real Foxy Brown.

Pam GrierMy Dad had a ton of movies with her and others on VHS (I’m dating myself), and he allowed me to watch them when I was a teenager. I’m a 70’s baby and I had no idea who the woman behind Foxy was, but I’ve always admired her. Pam’s memoir, Foxy: My Life in Three Acts filled me in quite a bit.  Here are some highlights and lowlights.

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