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5 Reasons Why You STILL Haven't Written Your Book PINHey, I just wanted to announce that my webinar series on self-publishing is now under way, with 5 dates to choose from! I mentioned this a few months ago when discussing the 5 reasons excuses that people give me when they say they want to write a book but haven’t started or completed it.


5 templates that help you write your book
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When you join any of my webinars this month (held weekly on Thursdays) I’ll bust those excuses and show you how you can become an author in 2016!  You will also learn how you can get my exclusive Authorpreneur Resource Pak that contains 6 templates to help you plan, write, self-publish and promote your book.

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Looking Ahead to 2016 (The Goal-Getter in Me)

20150906_155418cIt’s been 9 years that I’ve been blogging off and on (I started this blog in January 2007).  This is Part 3 of 3 in my 2015 yearly review.


5 PLACES I WANTED TO GO in 2015–and those To Be Continued…
– NYC (I did that in July, visiting old friends I hadn’t seen in over a decade, and their small children. It’s funny, the last time I saw those ladies, they weren’t moms.)
– L.A., to be on another talk show like Ellen, Wendy, Fallon or The REAL and be in the audience with my sister. I went to the Wendy Show in July, during the trip mentioned above, but I had no luck getting a booking for Ellen during her 12 Days of Christmas where she gives away EPIC gifts that almost rival Oprah’s. I also was an audience member of Family Feud in May, and another show in March called “Fake Off.”

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This Goal-Getter Got Another One: I’m Now a Certified Life Coach!

I DID IT!Aww yeah! My goal-getting just won’t stop. I have wanted to make my life coaching gift “official” since 2008, when I first became the client of a life coach in New York City. She was the one who encouraged me to write my first book. Fast forward 7 years of personal and professional obstacles and achievements later, and now I am a professional certified life coach!

I earned my certification from the Georgia Certified Life Coach Academy.
I earned my certification from the Georgia Certified Life Coach Academy.

I took my practicum this past Saturday and passed. I am over the moon with pride and gratitude to all of the people who have ever coached me, encouraged me, or supported me in word, prayer or deed.  In my heart I always knew I was a coach; only now have I made it official with all the back-to-back projects I’ve taken on over the years. Everything on “the back burner” is now off, so now my “stove” is empty.  And I will keep helping others reach their goals, too.

That includes you, my dear reader. You have been so loyal. Thank you for continuing on this journey with me. I have a lot more to give and I am ready to serve.

Keep pushing towards your goals! It’s not just a trite cliche; you can do just about anything you set your mind to–no matter how long it takes.  🙂

2015: Looking Ahead

This blog is entering its 8th year (I started it in January 2007).  I usually write about goals and such between my birthday (in November) and the close of the year. This is Part 3 of 3 in my 2014 yearly review.


5 PLACES I WANT TO GO in 2015picjumbo.com_HNCK2304-40e
– NYC (I would have gone in October, but a race I scheduled there was cancelled)
– L.A. (to be on another talk show like Ellen, Wendy, Fallon or The REAL and be in the audience with my sister)
– EssenceFest*
– Puerto Rico* and/or Hawaii* (these have been on my list for years, as I’ve never done them)
– My hometown (I have not been to my hometown in 12 years, and there is a 15K race I want to do–it was even recommended as a go-to in Runner’s World magazine this month)

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The 4-Letter F Word

In 2012, I recorded a few of my speeches with the idea of making them available on my speaking website for anyone that wanted to hear my message. But after all this time I still haven’t listened to them. It’s not that I can’t stand my voice, but it is weird to hear–sometimes they play first automatically when I launch my iTunes on my computer (sorted as “Artist: Daree Allen”).

I’ve been working with a marketing consultant for the past few months, but now the talking is done. I need to start doing the grunt work: cold calls and other tasks to implement my marketing plan.

The last edits of my book were completed earlier this month and now its time for me to approve the final text and begin layout. That means finality (no more text changes without a hefty price). No turning back, and no “I forgots.” And this is the point with my first book where my layout person quit (even under contract).

I’m afraid.

Audio and video editing is such a time-consuming task, especially when you’re not terribly good at it. I have literally been trying to avoid this for months but the time is come.

I don’t like calling people I don’t know and trying to convince them that I’m good at something. That’s why I no longer pitch or freelance.

I never feel like my writing is never perfect when it’s time to submit it; in hindsight, there’s always something else I could have at it or should have done differently. I know that I’m going to get some criticism from book reviewers and others who think I should have done things a certain way (even though I asked for help and advice on the front end but didn’t get it).

I’ve been letting that ugly four-letter F word get in the way for far too long.



It has paralyzed me. It lies about me and tells me things about myself that aren’t true. It makes up stories about what is going to happen that haven’t  happened before, and may never happen at all.

But I have to just do it.


There are lots of people that like my voice. They want to hear what I have to say. Someone NEEDS to hear what I have to say. Couples will have better relationships because of what I wrote. Teens will not go down the wrong path because of my testimony.
I’m going to feel so much better when I’m done. The antidote to conquering fear of the unknown is to just get started.  I’m going to try to think of it as steps instead of a big project. Hold me accountable to finish. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What thing have you been fearing for a while but you’re going to tackle? An unpleasant confrontation? A breakup or cutoff that needs to happen? Make that move, and you let me know how it goes,okay? Then we’ll hold each other accountable.

Take that, Fear. You no longer have any power over us.

Now let’s get started.

Columbia Pictures' After Earth (2013)
Columbia Pictures’ After Earth (2013)

Doing the Most: Unstoppable Action

This post is comprised of my notes from Chalene Johnson’s “Being Unstoppable” presentation at Camp Do More (CDM) on June 18, 2013, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  [Note that some of my commentary is in brackets. Chalene took a picture of us standing behind her before she began.]
Do more of the right things. You can do anything, but don’t do everything. Do the things with the most impact. Learn to take action in smaller steps. [This is related to her to-do list practices as discussed in her book, PUSH! Here are the steps to becoming unstoppable:

Source: Time Management Ninja

Step 1 – Know where you’re going. Have you ever been busy all day and then felt like you didn’t get anything done? You need specific targets. Pick one small thing you will do each day.

Step 2 – Tell people you’re on your way. Create accountability by telling people what you’re going to do. Give yourself a fast approaching deadline. [My goal was to make Lifetime with WW a few days after returning home, so while I’m in Vegas I decided that I’m not going to overeat every day, or indulge at every meal. Even though we are working out, you can’t out-train a bad diet. I’m too close to my goal to mess around.]
Step 3 – Identify detours. What distracts you or causes you to procrastinate? Address how you will handle those situations. [For me, it’s too many tabs open, phone, TV, internet, and Facebook. For me to get creative and/or productive, I have to shut out the world.]

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February 2013: Fun Times, Creating Memories

As usual, I’m recapping my highs and lows from last month.

Good Stuff

Valentine Anniversary – I celebrated the first anniversary of my first published release, What’s Wrong With Me? (the book and the journal).

Credit: Quizzle

Taxes Done – Following my usual tradition, I used TurboTax as I have for the past 13 years, and filed in February. I’ve already received my state refund and am awaiting my federal refund. I would rather have my money during the year than at tax time, but it’s hard because I already claim a high number of exemptions on my W-4 for my employer, AND I itemize annually as a business owner. I think there’s only been one year that I’ve owed money, and it was about $500. I’d love to get to a happy medium.

Missing My Mojo – Usually, I take TurboKick class on Tuesdays (I’m not teaching it yet). But this month I had to sacrifice because on most Tuesdays this month, I was with my daughter taking advantage of outings (field trips) with other homeschool families. When I returned to my TK class last week, another class member who is an acquaintance told me that I had been missed. I missed being there, too! Now I know that I can’t miss 3 weeks of TK in a row anymore. Since I became a certified  instructor, I have access to the workouts on DVD, but working out at home is not the same as working out with a room full of other TurboChicks. I doesn’t even matter if I have a conversation with someone while I’m there or not. There’s just something about being around people, with all of us in sync with the choreography, that brings me great joy. What can I say–it’s the dancer in me.

Creating Memories

My daughter K had one week in particular this month that was pretty awesome. She attended a live show with Nickelodeon characters, she went to a birthday party/sleepover with a friend who has a barn, and she met not one, but three stars from the Disney channel and Nickelodeon (the latter was a complete surprise). Continue reading “February 2013: Fun Times, Creating Memories”

Two Pains

Everybody wants something out of life, but the question is, How bad do you want it?

Our human flesh by nature is selfish and wants its own way. If we’re going to make progress in any life goal, we will always have to make a choice of whether to exercise discipline. Even doing nothing is a choice. I always say that making no decision is a decision.

Whether you’re working on a random project, a book, in school or college, saving or investing for the long-term, striving for or maintaining your fitness and nutrition goals, or setting boundaries of respect and self-love in your personal relationships, you must use discipline.

That leaves us with a choice of two pains with said life goals: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.


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10 Things to Move You Forward

Today is January 1 and I have challenged myself to eat clean all month. No processed foods, no fast food, etc.

You may think that’s drastic. But after some reflection as we often do at this time of year, can you think of things in your life that you need to clean up? Maybe it’s your attitude toward a certain aspect of your life, or a toxic relationship you’ve been putting up with for far too long. I found the graphic below and thought it might inspire some of you to take stock of some things you need to do this year–and surprise!–only one of them is overtly goal-related.

10 Things You Must Give Up to Move Forward
10 Things You Must Give Up to Move Forward

Which of these 10 things most speaks to you?

Birthday Bling and Food Freebies – November 2012 Recap

The best month of the year flew by! Here’s my monthly recap for November 2012. (I also posted an annual recap of 2012 on my birthday.)

Birthday Bling and Sparkle

Sparkle movie still (Source: Creative Loafing Atlanta)
Sparkle movie still (Source: Creative Loafing Atlanta)

Over the weekend, I took advantage of the free 1-night Redbox rental code I got for my birthday and copped Sparkle (the remake of the iconic 1976 film with Irene Cara in the original title role). I love Jordin Spark’s voice, and seeing Whitney Houston play a different kind of character was refreshing and bittersweet. Derek Luke is awesome in everything he does. Omar Epps’ dramatic turn was also pretty awesome, but I notice several comedians that do well in dramatic roles (think Jamie Foxx, Anthony Anderson)–probably because a lot of comedy comes from a place of pain.

I didn’t get any jewelry for my birthday but I enjoyed my gifts and time with my family. Any “bling” I claim came from the Cyber week deals last week. Much better than Black Friday shopping, and without the traffic.

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