We Have Been Cleared for Takeoff!: D.A.R.E.E. Website Relaunch

I’m so excited to finally unveil announce the relaunch of the all-new DareeAllen.com!

It’s been a really close call, as I’m 30 days from my “dual” book release date. Along the way, I’ve been with not 1, not 2, but 4 different web developers in the past 3 months (!!) trying to get my site updated. I almost liken it to the dreaded “dating game.”

The Blind Date

Any adult who’s ever been single can probably relate: you take the time to learn someone’s likes, dislikes, personality and nuances. You talk at length about what you don’t want from a relationship, from them, or both (and that’s not a typo–everyone doesn’t know what they actually want). You decide whether you and that person are a good fit, and whether you consider them marriage material (if you’re serious).

Now imagine sharing your vision, writing instructions, explaining your wants and needs, shelling out hundreds of dollars (sometimes up front), transferring umpteen files, and making phone calls and sending emails that often go unreturned/replied to…. only to get repeated slow or “no show” performance, and quitters. The worst part is when it’s a referral, because someone vetted that person for you (like a blind date).

You trusted someone’s (professional) opinion and recommendation (e.g., “Oh, I know someone who does that!” or “I’ve got the person for you”), and you want to believe they’re on point!

The Aftermath

The creative process is hard enough when you’ve got your own ideas, but when it comes to a collaborative creative process where you involve others’ ideas of what you want (that was not a typo), it becomes even more of a challenge. So many things like this have happened on the way to publishing in the past 6 months, but I consider it to be training ground and fodder for another “lessons learned” book for my fellow would-be writer colleagues and indie publisher friends.

Oh yeah… and now we’re just one month from the official, “dual” book launch!

Got comments on my new site? Let me know what you think. Know of a speaking event where my message is needed? Contact me.


The Countdown Begins: The What’s Wrong With Me Book Launch is Coming Soon!

Today marks the 60-day countdown to my book launch (on Valentine’s Day). You can pre-order What’s Wrong With Me on Amazon, but I prefer that you use my website and order from me directly so I can re-coup my costs more quickly (I’ve got the Amazon channel mainly for exposure). It’s also available in all ebook formats (Kindle, mobi, epub, pdf) as well as audiobook formats (CD and mp3)!

Something I’ve learned in the past few months is that it’s hard to weed through potential candidates to figure out who will deliver quality work on time. Despite earning my M.S. in Management in 2004, I’ve never wanted to be a manager in the corporate world and that’s a skill of discernment I’m trying to hone better as in my entrepreneur-life. So although I’ve been saying this for months, now I really mean it: I’ve got new videos coming on my publishing Youtube channel really soon. I shot several videos on location a while back; the hold-up was finding someone who was willing AND ready to do the video editing for me… Check!

I’ve also recently added a second companion book, the “What’s Wrong With Me? Reflections Journal,” which is a journal in workbook form that allows girls to do some honest self-reflection on the concepts presented in “What’s Wrong With Me?”

No Booty Shaking Up in Here!

Sometimes when we stand up for what is right, everyone will not always agree, but it doesn’t mean you should keep quiet.

Last week on Good Morning America, a family was interviewed because their 6-year-old daughter was kicked off a cheerleading team when the mother protested a “booty” cheer.

Why in the world would you ignore/condone this? The word “booty” is suggestive, and you don’t agree, observe a man observe a female (of any age) in booty shorts. I sympathize with this mother for sticking to what she believes is right even though her daughter got punished for it.  It’s even worse because another parent rallied to have this child dismissed from the team. Some people just don’t see the big picture. Continue reading “No Booty Shaking Up in Here!”