Join Me During National Journal Writing Month #NaJoWriMo

Do you journal? Does it seem daunting, useless, or just something writers do?
It doesn’t have to be.

From the NaJoWriMo Website: October 2015 Theme – Unleashing Your Creative Mind Through Journal Writing

I’m a little late to the party, but Bakari Chavanu created NaJoWriMo at the beginning of this year as a practice to concentrate on journal writing for 4 months of the year.  I’ve been an avid journaler since age 11 (when I called it a diary), and back then, I didn’t know that journaling would help me write my first book.

Journaling is for everyone–it doesn’t matter how old you are, what gender  you are, or what you do for a living.

There are lots of reasons to journal. It has nothing to do with whether you have the talent to write for a living.

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Kickin’ It with Daree – New Podcast Launches Next Week!

I’m excited to announce my big launch for this year–and this time, it’s not another book. I love writing, but I can only focus on one big project at a time.  I’m switching gears to use my often-praised chops to bring you another phase of my personal development brand.

It’s a new talk show, delivered as a podcast.


So many friends (as well as people I’ve only met once), have complimented me on my voice and recommended that I do voiceovers, record audio books, or get into radio. I have researched all of the above, but podcasting seems to be the thing for me right now.  It’s pretty inexpensive compared to the others, without a lot of gatekeepers blocking me hoops to jump through to get started.

Some of the topics I cover on the new Kickin’ It with Daree podcast are things I’ve discussed before on this blog.  Show topics will center around life coaching, personal development, personal growth, faith and the fun, candor & silliness that is me.

My aim is not only to expand and build on the platform that I began with my books, but also to will offer practical resources and real advice that will inspire listeners to improve relationships, develop themselves, and better handle everyday situations and stressors. Each episode will provide food for thought, tips and strategies they can implement to foster personal growth and development, and live a life with more fulfillment.

You want to know what’s really awesome?  I’m launching the show on August 4, 2015 with not one, not two, but three full episodes, each featuring full guest interviews! I recorded nine episodes so far this summer, so I’d have plenty of content for my loyal and new followers.  Once the show launches, I’ll post show notes here in brief, and on my website in full.  Once the show launches, the best way to ensure that you don’t miss an episode is to use your player or app of choice from iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher, search for Kickin’ It with Daree, and Subscribe.

PUSHing for More: A Book Review for the Goal-Getter in You

Source: Scentsy Team Achieve

I just finished the book PUSH by Chalene Johnson. Awesome for a goal-getter like me!  Chalene is the CEO of Powder Blue Productions and a fitness/life coach. One of her programs, TurboKick, is my favorite–it’s actually the only one I’ve tried, so it has to be  :)!  I love it so much that I put it in my author bio!

The thrust of the book is that from all your goals, you should identify a “PUSH” goal (the one that has a domino effect on the others), and schedule daily to-do tasks to reach that PUSH goal. You start by making a list of 10 things you want to challenge yourself to accomplish in the next 12 months (she says at least one of them should be a health-related), and figure out which one will PUSH you to success in all the others. In other words, which goal will have the maximum effect? (At least that’s what I think she means.) The only thing I’m still confused about is whether you should make to-do task lists for the other 9 goals (I’m thinking yes, but it’s unclear in the book). Continue reading “PUSHing for More: A Book Review for the Goal-Getter in You”

All I Do Is Win

In 2011, ALL I DO IS WIN.

Hey, I’m back!! Have you missed me lately? I haven’t posted in about six weeks, and it was not for lack of activity–there was plenty to do. I didn’t even know I’d be “gone” this long. I think I just got worn out with daily posts, and holidays seemed to be a good time to stop and regroup.

As you know, I am all about female empowerment and self-love. So in December 2010, I took part in two personal development challenges.

“Ignite Your G-Spot”
21-Day Gratitude Challenge

Starting on December 1, Shanel Cooper-Sykes‘ challenge had daily affirmations and in-depth focus on just 21 facets of life to be grateful for. Among some of the gems I recorded during her nightly Ustream classes:

  • Receiving: Praise more than you pray. Let go– don’t worry about how it’s going to happen. Continue about your day, in His presence, and let it be. Then act as if you’ve already received it!
  • Love: Build yourself up first. Accept who you are. See the good in people. Deepen your capacity to love. Accept people for who they are. Forgive them for any wrongdoing.
  • Home: Have a sacred space. Use the bathroom if you have to! Light a candle, write, be still. Have a set of house rules. Decide to be mad in a certain place in the home. Have a set of standards for your living environment– boundaries that must be respected.
  • Technology: Value your intellectual property. Take a class or get the training you need to maximize technology for your business and your goals. Have balance–keep your human & God-abilities sharp. Hand-write letters. Use personal communication skills (that is, know how to speak and carry yourself). Don’t become addicted to technology. Continue reading “All I Do Is Win”