Too Picky? Why Yes I Am, and Proud of It!

As a single woman, sometimes people tell me I am just too picky.  I call it “selective.”

Everyone has preferences, but there are some important situations in which you SHOULD be picky, which I discuss in this video I originally shot on Periscope.  It was inspired by Master Brand Coach Jai Stone, when she said, “I can’t lower my standards to meet your mediocrity,” at an event I attended the day before.


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Are You With the Right Person?

Throughout the month, I’m blogging 20 questions from this month’s feature article on O magazine. 

Question 3- Am I With the Right Person?

I was on the Chat Atlanta show a few weeks ago (click here to listen) and one of the things a panelists said is that a lot of people suffer in their relationships simply because they are not with the right person. I’m currently single but my stance is this: If you do not like the person that you’re with, if you do not share the same values, if you are not BOTH willing to do the work to better your communication, be understanding and compromise with each other, then you’re bound to be miserable.

Julie Orringer* describes a sense of peacefulness that comes over you in dating relationships when you’re with “The One.”  I will let peace be the umpire of my spirit as well, as I wait to meet him.

Do you ever ask yourself this question? What is your conclusion?

*Julie wrote the essay for this question.

LaLa’s Book Signing… and Mine!

20140327_193455Remember last year when I almost met Wendy Williams at her Barnes & Noble book signing?  They sold out of books and therefore I didn’t get a wristband.  Well, they didn’t make the same mistake at La La Anthony’s book signing last night.

20140327_210535La La’s event was different because she didn’t address the audience or take questions. I didn’t have more than a few seconds with her to say anything. But I know I am going to enjoy her book (it’s about relationships and life lessons–two topics my books cover as well).


#EndBlameGame TweetChat


Speaking of my books, I wanted you to know that you can participate in my book launch even if you’re not at my party tomorrow.

I’m hosting a Twitter party, or what I like to call a “TweetChat” during the launch party tomorrow. You can follow along with our discussion on Twitter starting at March 29 at 5 pm EST by following me on Twitter (@DareeAllen), and include the hashtag #EndBlameGame in your comment. (The hashtag keeps our conversation “together” even if you do not follow me.)

For example, I’ll post a question like this:  “Q1: Why is it that…. #EndBlameGame”

To respond, you’d type: “A1: I think it’s because… #EndBlameGame”

To keep up with the conversation and read others responses, simply search for this hashtag in Twitter.

Everyone at the party will be posting their pictures using this hashtag as well, so it’s like a digital archive of the event. I can’t wait!


The Book is Here! and Making it Personal

Yay! Woo-hoo!

I’ve talked about it in many posts this past year, and I’m so happy to now announce that my new book is finally here! It was literally a labor of love.

Over the weekend, I did an interviews on The Relationship Party, Chat Atlanta and Intentional Life shows where I discussed different aspects of the book and why I wrote it.

Please consider ordering Ending the Blame Game from my website, especially if you want a signed copy and will not be at my launch party this weekend.

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Only 1 Week to Go!

I’m only one week away from the release date! Check out a verbal overview:

Who is this book written for? [00:29 – 01:00] and [03:22 – 04:00]
What is this book about? [01:00 – 02:20] and [03:01 – 03:21]
Where did I get my information/research from? [02:21 – 03:00]
My other books [04:01 – 04:40]
Launch party in Atlanta  [04:41 – 05:01]
Book formats available [05:02 to end]


Some of Us Are Better Coaches Than Players

Source: EUR Web

I like the number 23 simply because it’s my birthdate–it has nothing to do with Michael Jordan’s number or the Brothers Johnson classic song, Strawberry Letter 23. But when I am in the car around 8 am on a Mon-Thurs, I have enjoyed the Strawberry Letter portion of The Steve Harvey Morning Show on the radio–even though it seems that many of the writers of those letters have no common sense.

During part of my road trip for the holidays, I listened to a couple of audiobooks. One of them was The Strawberry Letter by Shirley Strawberry, a radio vet and one of Steve’s co-hosts on his show.
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My So-Called Single Life, Part 2

This post is a continuation from Part 1, in honor of Unmarried and Single Americans Week. I wrote this last year, but it is previously unpublished. I’ve experienced a relationship since then, and no longer agree with some of the sentiments here, but it’s still good work and may invite your own reflection and introspection. Enjoy.

Unhappy Holidays

Holidays are sometimes–but not always–a downer. People enjoy the holidays because they usually get a break from work, and/or they get to hang out and have quality time with family and friends. But sometimes I dread holidays.

Holidays exacerbate the fact that I am alone. Continue reading “My So-Called Single Life, Part 2”