Why I Write

Three-ring binders of loose-leaf paper. Composition books. Diaries with locks.

A countless number of these notebooks and makeshift journals have held my innermost thoughts since I was 13 years old. These artifacts helped me gather my thoughts and get back into my teenage mindset as I began the process of writing my book, which is for teen girls of today. It was amazing for me to read through all of my thoughts and feelings, as I wrote in vivid detail about the different situations I went through. To see my growth and transformation. To see the types of people I was drawn to, and how I let them treat me. To see how I felt about myself, my family, and God. To remember things that I forgot. To realize all that I’ve learned since then. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time with everything I know now, because I would have made better choices. Continue reading “Why I Write”