Odds and Ends in L.A.

Other than the highlights I mentioned earlier this week, I had some Cali fun in the daytime, too.

It’s Good to Know People–
Or At Least One Really Cool Person

I met “Girlfriendgela” for the first time in person on my first day in L.A. I have known her for over a decade as a part of an email distribution list I joined in college. She is a brand-spanking new employee of Disney/ABC Studios in Burbank. Promptly upon arrival, before I checked in at Lopez Tonight, she took me to lunch and gave me a grand tour. Continue reading “Odds and Ends in L.A.”


I’m Sorry… B*%#h!

When it comes to being rude, sometimes people define it subjectively. Perhaps something was taken out of context. Or maybe a person was a bit too sensitive. Sometimes, you get ignored because of disorganization and/or poor customer service. But sometimes, you just KNOW that the person meant to be rude to you.  A few choice examples:

SCENARIO 1- Leave Me Alone!

On Memorial Day, I was at a large cookout in Virginia and was looking for someone who I hadn’t seen yet.  It turns out that I had her old AND new cell numbers in my phone—but I didn’t remember to delete the old one because I don’t talk to her that often. So I texted her saying, “Hey girl, I haven’t seen you yet—where are you?”  I got an almost immediate response:  “Hey you dumb f*** this is a guy so leave me the f*** alone.”


Now, couldn’t that person have simply replied by saying that I have the wrong number—or better yet, just ignore my text since he knew it wasn’t for him?

I did not respond, deleted the wrong number, and saw my girlfriend when she showed up a little later.

Cussing Me During An Apology?

One day I was in a parking structure in Maryland and decided to give one of my colleagues a lift to her car so she didn’t have to walk so far. As I come around one of the corners, someone is FLYING in my direction and scares the you-know-what out of me. My adrenaline was sky-high when I hit the brakes, and I was irritated with the guy in the other car. It was summer, and our windows were down (still in the parking garage). He looked at me with a scowl on my face and said something to me, but I didn’t hear him.

I said, “What did you say?!”

He said, “I SAID, I’m sorry BITCH!,” and then he sped off around another corner.


I just sat there for a moment and looked at my colleague, dumbfounded, but glad to still be alive and not smashed against a column.  I got her to her car safely and left without incident.


This one was in Vegas, during the week of Labor Day and I admit I instigated it—sort of. 

I was exiting the parking lot of a public library and had to make a left into traffic, on a street that had no traffic light close by.  A car came up in the car behind me and the driver was impatient.  After a minute where I absolutely could not safely make a left into oncoming traffic, there was a break, but a homeless –looking woman was walking on the sidewalk, so instead of running her down, I sat. The driver behind me blew on her horn hard and I looked into my rear view mirror. She looked back at me and yelled, “GO, s***!”

Without even thinking about it, I flipped her off.  (Sorry God.)

OK, bad move. But I mean, what am I supposed to do, run over pedestrians? I know it’s hot, and I want to leave too!

She gets out of her car and my window is still down. My heart is beating fast, but I’m ready to tell her off.

A short argument ensues with her calling me a B, and then, FINALLY, I get to make my left (just in the nick of time).

I’m just glad she didn’t cut me.


In any case, I think rudeness should be a punishable crime.  Rudeness should be illegal, with citizens’ arrests binding.

How do you deal with rude people? Do you confront them? Brush it off? Chalk it up to ignorance? Engage them in funny ways to show them how stupid they are? Let’s hear it! You can even submit your stories to be included in Amy Alkon’s next book about rude people.