Happiness is in the Process–Not in the Results

Source: ForbesLife

It’s been almost two years since I went to L.A. and attended an event where Russell Simmons was interviewed and then conducted a book signing for his latest book, Super Rich.

I just started and finished the book this month. Awesome!

As usual, I want to share some of the points in the book that I will use. I won’t try to explain them all, even though there is much context surrounding everything listed here. (My personal comments on this list are in brackets.)

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A Little Talk with Uncle Rush

On my next-to-last day in L.A., I was excited to see hip hop icon and mogul “Uncle Rush,” a.k.a.  Russell Simmons, 53, up close and personal.  He and author/Executive Director of the GRAMMY Museum Robert Santelli (who interviewed Motown godfather and mogul Berry Gordy the day before) sat in director chairs on the stage and talked in a small theatre-style room at the GRAMMY Museum at L.A. Live. Simmons drove himself to the venue on that rainy evening and talked about his new book, Super Rich, coming up in the hip hop game, race, and relationships (in music and in life). Continue reading “A Little Talk with Uncle Rush”