My Wendy Fan Out

I don’t believe in gossip, but truth be told, we all do it at one time or another.  I admire radio and talk show host Wendy Williams for her hustle and for echoing the sentiments of our people in a “keeping it real” kind of way. Her personality is infectious, and even through the TV screen she makes you feel like you know her. Her 10th book was released this month and I had been anticipating getting to meet her for the past week or so at her book signing in Atlanta.

The Demand

My daughter and I arrived at Barnes & Noble 90 minutes early, and finding a place to park was a beast! When we got inside, I was shocked to learn that Ask Wendy was sold out! There were apologetic signs on the entry doors, too.

On her national talk show, Wendy has been telling folks that she’s coming to the Barnes & Noble store on Peachtree Rd in Buckhead all week. They didn’t think that would amount to much?

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The Australian Diva I Love

I was thinking about Olivia Newton-John not too long ago, wondering what she was up to. Since I do not watch Glee, I missed the May episode where she ‘got physical’ with Jane Lynch’s character. I am not ‘hopelessly devoted’ to Grease, as iconic as the film is. My favorite movie she starred in was the campy musical Xanadu (1980), and all I really remember is a lot of dancing and skating. Right up my alley.

I laughed as I watched this clip. I remember this almost like it was yesterday.

I was surprised to see her on The Wendy Williams Show this week (so glad my DVR picks up everything). She’s 62 (!), but she looked as beautiful as ever, sporting that trademark winning smile and platinum blonde bob. She revealed that she was a whopping 29 years old when she played the teenage Sandy in Grease. I also didn’t know that she’s a newlywed and has a new CD (new age).

I’ll pass on that. But it’s good to know she’s alive and kicking.

I wouldn’t mind reading her autobiography, if she ever writes one. Like Pam Grier, Olivia beat cancer. She found breast cancer in ’92 because she did monthly self-exams, and on Wendy’s show, she demonstrated her new kit to teach women to do the same, emphasizing that although it didn’t show up on a mammogram, she persisted with her doctor because she felt a “different” lump one day and “knew something wasn’t right.”