Putting Up With Bad Behavior

really-you-gotta-stopWhen dealing with people in your life (whether it’s an acquaintance, your life partner, or a category in between) you must set boundaries. And if you don’t know what your boundaries are, you’ll find out when someone crosses one of them.

Sometimes my daughter wants to play with a neighbor or “friend” so badly that she forgets their rude behavior makes excuses for their rude behavior. A lesson I have to hammer with her over and over again is that if she continually allows someone to treat her badly, she is telling that person, “It’s ok to mean to me or to disrespect me. I don’t mind. No matter what you say or do to me, I’ll keep coming back to you.”  Sound familiar? Whether tacitly or overtly, you give people permission on how to treat you.

It’s similar to raising strong-willed children, one-sided romantic relationships, toxic relationships (including those where where one person enables another), and overcommitting to projects.

Where (or with whom) do you need to set boundaries in your life?