Announcing My Self-Publishing e-Course Launch!

Intensive and ecourse FBI’m very excited to announce the launch of my brand new self-paced e-Course, So What’s Your Story today!  For this “grand opening,” I’m offering a special $50 promo to anyone who registers for the course with the code SWYSLAUNCH (this week only)!

Need course details? Check it out here.

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So What’s Your Story? – New Webinar Series!

5 Reasons Why You STILL Haven't Written Your Book PINHey, I just wanted to announce that my webinar series on self-publishing is now under way, with 5 dates to choose from! I mentioned this a few months ago when discussing the 5 reasons excuses that people give me when they say they want to write a book but haven’t started or completed it.


5 templates that help you write your book
D.A.R.E.E. Authorpreneur Academy Resource Pak

When you join any of my webinars this month (held weekly on Thursdays) I’ll bust those excuses and show you how you can become an author in 2016!  You will also learn how you can get my exclusive Authorpreneur Resource Pak that contains 6 templates to help you plan, write, self-publish and promote your book.

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Can’t wait to see you there!

Looking Ahead to 2016 (The Goal-Getter in Me)

20150906_155418cIt’s been 9 years that I’ve been blogging off and on (I started this blog in January 2007).  This is Part 3 of 3 in my 2015 yearly review.


5 PLACES I WANTED TO GO in 2015–and those To Be Continued…
– NYC (I did that in July, visiting old friends I hadn’t seen in over a decade, and their small children. It’s funny, the last time I saw those ladies, they weren’t moms.)
– L.A., to be on another talk show like Ellen, Wendy, Fallon or The REAL and be in the audience with my sister. I went to the Wendy Show in July, during the trip mentioned above, but I had no luck getting a booking for Ellen during her 12 Days of Christmas where she gives away EPIC gifts that almost rival Oprah’s. I also was an audience member of Family Feud in May, and another show in March called “Fake Off.”

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2015 Race Stats

In Part 2 of my 2015 yearly review, I recap my third year of running, which was my least exciting. I didn’t even do my first race of the year until the year was half over!
Outside my hotel room in San Juan

Although I ran less overall, I didn’t give into any pressure to run half marathons like my other buddies (I know which distances work for me), nor to run races in town because they’re popular. I sought to do only “away” races (except for a special one, and you’ll see why in a sec.

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Running Like a Diva in PR (But No PR)


Yesterday was the first time I ran in Puerto Rico. It was also my first race in the DIVAS series.


I arrived in San Juan on Saturday evening, but many members of my running group arrived on Friday. I had a friend pick up my race packet for me since I was arriving late. They told me that the race expo was not memorable and that there were not as many vendors as in years past. I didn’t get any goodies in my packet but and the ones that others received were very inconsistent. One lady got a really nice lip gloss but no one else did. Some other people got chocolates and then that others. It was just kind of random.


About 30 members of my running group participated in this race. We took a group photo before the races began. Many of them did the half marathon (13.1 miles), but I stuck with the 5k (3.1 miles), even though that distance is not a challenge for me. I would have preferred a middle distance but I wasn’t trying to “upgrade.” My cell phone did not update the clock, but clocks in Puerto Rico showed the time as 1 hour later than Eastern Standard Time, because PR does not participate in daylight savings time changes. So my body thought I was getting up at 4 am and I am not used to that.


The half began at 6 am, and the rain began just before the 6:30 am start of the 5k. It was light, off and on, for the duration of both races.


Because of the rain from all week, there were a lot of puddles and the roads were not flat and smooth. Therefore I spent most of my time looking down to make sure that I stepped correctly. Of course there’s always the issue of people walking two and three abreast in various parts of the crowd instead of moving to one side which is common courtesy, but I enjoyed myself and did not try to set any records (I knew I wouldn’t PR in PR). When I saw interesting things I slow down to a walk so that I could get pictures.


Just before the finish line shoot, volunteers handed us feathered sashes and tiaras. You had to stop running to get them before you could finish. It was a little awkward and somebody pushed me hard after she got hers to get around me to the finish line.

After the crossing the finish, shirtless men in shorts passed out the medals. Then I met a friend of mine that also did the 5k and got a few snacks. We took pictures by the water and then went to wait for our friends across that we’re doing the half. When the last one came about, we joined her to run the last mile with her, back to the same finish area. It was very humid!

There was a post race party on Sunday night, but I just walked by to see what was going on. There was music and dancing and people sitting around. I was just tired because I had not gotten enough sleep for the last few days. I did a wise thing by sharing a room at the host hotel, even though it was very expensive. I wish I could have stayed in San Juan a little longer but I had to get back to my daughter who is still in school.


What I do this race again? No, because I don’t repeat races.  I would only recommend the race for someone who doesn’t mind running in the rain on uneven pavement in a beautiful and scenic city.


This Goal-Getter Got Another One: I’m Now a Certified Life Coach!

I DID IT!Aww yeah! My goal-getting just won’t stop. I have wanted to make my life coaching gift “official” since 2008, when I first became the client of a life coach in New York City. She was the one who encouraged me to write my first book. Fast forward 7 years of personal and professional obstacles and achievements later, and now I am a professional certified life coach!

I earned my certification from the Georgia Certified Life Coach Academy.
I earned my certification from the Georgia Certified Life Coach Academy.

I took my practicum this past Saturday and passed. I am over the moon with pride and gratitude to all of the people who have ever coached me, encouraged me, or supported me in word, prayer or deed.  In my heart I always knew I was a coach; only now have I made it official with all the back-to-back projects I’ve taken on over the years. Everything on “the back burner” is now off, so now my “stove” is empty.  And I will keep helping others reach their goals, too.

That includes you, my dear reader. You have been so loyal. Thank you for continuing on this journey with me. I have a lot more to give and I am ready to serve.

Keep pushing towards your goals! It’s not just a trite cliche; you can do just about anything you set your mind to–no matter how long it takes.  🙂

Join Me During National Journal Writing Month #NaJoWriMo

Do you journal? Does it seem daunting, useless, or just something writers do?
It doesn’t have to be.

From the NaJoWriMo Website: October 2015 Theme – Unleashing Your Creative Mind Through Journal Writing

I’m a little late to the party, but Bakari Chavanu created NaJoWriMo at the beginning of this year as a practice to concentrate on journal writing for 4 months of the year.  I’ve been an avid journaler since age 11 (when I called it a diary), and back then, I didn’t know that journaling would help me write my first book.

Journaling is for everyone–it doesn’t matter how old you are, what gender  you are, or what you do for a living.

There are lots of reasons to journal. It has nothing to do with whether you have the talent to write for a living.

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